I think I finally know what I’ve missed all these years I’ve been searching for myself.

I missed understanding. When I was little I felt I was always left out and didn’t know why. I always thought it was cause I was insecure, with acne, glasses and braces. Now I think it was because I’m HSP. People didn’t understand me, not in school and not in my family. I didn’t understand myself and thought there was something wrong with me. I couldn’t figure out what I felt and how I was supposed to feel. I couldn’t level with my classmates and I didn’t understand what they were going through.

Finally now I know that I’m HSP I know what I feel, wat I don’t feel but pick up and I understand myself. I also understand other people and its okay that a lot of people don’t know what HSP is and that they don’t understand what it is. I know I shouldn’t put a label on myself or other people but this is who I am and I know the qualities that come with being HSP.