Cool dream 22-1-2013

So I had an amazing dream last night. I was in a house that apparently was mine. We were in the living room (my dad was there as well) and there was a swimming pool inside. There were these huge glas doors and a dek outside with an amazing view over a town, don’t know which one, but it feels like California.

My dad and I were talking about giving my colleague Marit a tour through the house. We first went to the left side of the house, half of what we saw I didn’t even know was there. There was an old kitchen and another door we opened was another entrance of that same long kitchen.
This was all in a long hallway, the doors looked like closets but were actually kitchen entrances.

Then we walked up a few stairs that lead to a shop with all old little things to buy. There was this old guy who wanted to have a thing and we watched him put it into his pocket (dunno if Marit was still there, but my dad was) and we just let him take it.

I have no cleu what was on the other side of the house, cause I woke up and we didn’t get to that part. I also have no freaking idea why there were these old things an an amazing modern living room. Buy that pool and view were amazing!

I’ve had a couple if awesome dreams lately but this is one I want to share, the other ones were to personal, but this one I liked pretty much to share.