Dreams last week

A couple of things I dreamed last week, but don’t know when and how it ended/ started:

– My mom was looking for a good vain in my left arm. I don’t know if it was to take blood or to put some medicin in it. It feels like it was the first one. My vains are pretty on top in my arms so there shouldn’t be any difficulty to find a good one. I remember my mom reaching one (and pulling her index finger under it) and was wondering if that was a good one or a muscle. There wasn’t any thing to cut of the blood supply on my arm, but I knew we were in a hurry. I remember it was urgent, so it must have been that I was giving blood.

– There was a dream about a Tattoo on my right wrist. I found a picture for it, but it was too big. I want a small one on my wrist but the picture I found was round and very big. I remember there was an older guy wanted to set it, but I wasn’t convinced that I should. I don’t believe I did it.

The first one makes me feel more sure about helping people. I really felt the need to give the blood to someone in need so I did. The later one tells me that I want that tattoo on my right wrist. I’m not sure what it’s going to be, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be there someday, probably sooner than later and it’s going to be small. I also think that I’m going to draw it myself or pick it out and adjust to my liking, just as the one I have on my shoulder. I always thought it was going to be on my left wrist though and my dream showed my right. So I’m not sure which one it’ll be, but I know I’ll figure it out eventually 😉

I wish I could remember more but I’m convinced that I remember the best parts and the parts that I should remember.

Any who that’s what I just remembered and wanted to write down.