Time for photo ops and autographs….. Blown away in Vegas (last part)

Saturday and Sunday I had photo ops planned for a couple of the actors. Jared and Jensen ar such a huge inspiration of mine that I had to give them a hug, so to get a photo of that was just a plus 😉 Before the convention I was extremely excited to be able to hug all the amazing people and at the same time I felt a calm rush over me cause I knew the pics would turn out great.

Saturday I had my ops with Mat&Rich, Matt&Gil and Matt solo. I know right! I walked up to Matt&Rich, stood in the middle and it was over. Said hi and bey and that was it. Than with Matt&Gill the same. I noticed that Matt tiptoed to look taller than me and he did that in all my ops. The solo I walked up and just asked for a hug and he gave me a huge hug and, again, tiptoed, which was awesome.

2015-03-18 15.18.30-1          2015-03-18 15.18.44       2015-03-18 15.19.02

So I thought “Saturday went fine, so Sunday with J2 will be easy” well guess again 😀 I stood in line for Jensen’s and I was actually nervous, out of all of them Jensen is my biggest inspiration, with Jared as a close second, very close second. I stood in line and there was an older woman in front of me and she was really nervous. I wasn’t really that nervous much but I picked up on all the nerves from everyone else. I told the woman she’d be fine, they are amazing and that she could wait for me and we could hug it out.
She had her pic, but I didn’t see what she did though. Than it was my turn and I walked up, said hi, Jensen said hi back and actually looked at me! And I just blurted out “Just a hug, please” which Jensen responded with “Well okay than” and I grinned like an idiot, I think, and than I said thank you and he said you’re welcome and I looked away.. And than I lost my breath, I couldn’t breath and I think I had sort of a panic attack, but a good one 😀

2015-03-18 15.17.56

I yelled, screamed, hugged it out and it was all good. Than my J2 sandwich was perfect. I had no nerves anymore and I walked up, asked if they could hold my grandpa’s license plate, they did, pic was taken and than I said thank you. Than Jared started talking and I thought he asked me about the license plate, so I started to respond and the moment I said it was my grandpa’s I realised he talked to one of volunteers, they had asked him something. I than immediately thanked them again and got out of the way for the next person in line.
Jared’s was easy. I walked up with “just a hug” and he gave me a huge hug.

2015-03-18 15.18.07              2015-03-18 15.17.39

Later that day I had autograph sessions with the boys too. I let other actors sign in a book about the fandom, but for Jared and Jensen I had something different in mind. Because they are a hug inspiration I decided I wanted them to know that they are. So I wrote down why the inspired me and let them sign those pages. I told them both that this was for my inspiration board and Jensen replied to “That’s amazing” or awesome I don’t exactly remember what it was, but it was good and he liked it. And than Jared, oh poor Jared was sick and he had to step out for a bit, but he came back and finished all these autographs (another reason to love them even more, they want to do this, even when they are nog feeling well). He read what I wrote and thanked me, he thought it was very sweet. I told him to get better soon and again he said thanks and that was it.

I can’t believe how nice these guys are. I know it, it’s been said over and over and over again, but if you haven’t experienced it you don’t know how kind, appreciative and truly wonderful all these guys are. They look at you when you say something, they actually hear what you’re saying and they are sincere. They want to be there. I pick up on feelings from other people so I can feel if they weren’t really interested or wanting to be there. All I felt was pure love for each an everyone of us, for the fans for each other, for the guest stars, for the volunteers. As all the guest stars have been saying, these guys want to give back, they want to know us, they are a part of us, we are a part of them. We are all in this together and that’s mind boggling. I don’t tink any other “fandom” has this. But that’s why we’re not called a fandom but a family right??

Okay I’m going to stop talking now, cause I can go on and on an on about this. All I wanted to say is: I’m so damn proud of us and our boys and the cast and crew and all the people in this family. I picked the most epic convention as my first, and maybe my only one, and I’m truly grateful I got to experience this.

So that was it, you know it all know, it took some work to pul all these posts together, but I finally was able to do so. Hope you liked them!

Have an amazing day/ night.

Blown away in Vegas ….. the Supernatural universe (part 1)

Incredible talented cast, panels and what not …… Blown away in Vegas (part 2)


Incredible talented cast, panels and what not …… Blown away in Vegas (part 2)

Almost everyday of the convention Richard Speight Jr, the host and also known as “The Trickster” and “Gabriel” from the show, and Louden Swain (the houseband for every convention, lead singer Rob Benedict, a.k.a. “Chuck” from Supernatural) performed the rules and regulations song. They figured rules and regulations where boring so they decided to create a song for these occasions:


The conventions are full of panels. Panels where the actors are on stage and interact with the fans. They can ask question that the actors will answer. In Sebastians case no questions will ever be answered, but he’s giving such a hilarious panel that it’s all worth it.

The panel that surprised me the most was Travis’ on Thursday. He is such an amazing person! He talked about a lot of things, his 3 chiuawa’s, his time training in the military, his PTSD and how he got over it, about how great the guys (J2) are and about his charity.

Osric touched the subject gratefulness. He said that being grateful and not just say thank you can change your whole life. And that’s what he is, he is grateful for this opportunity to interact with so many people and if all they need is a tweet, hug, kind word, for someone to make them feel better, he’s happy to give it.

What amazes me the most about all these guest on stage is how they talk about Jared and Jensen and about the fandom/ family. Travis told us that Jared and Jensen don’t’ have any ego and that they truly like to be apart of the fans life, that they truly care about the guest actors and that they treat them all the same.

I’ve read it more times than I can count, but to hear it again (live this time) makes me awe more. And makes me feel so much more proud to be part of this incredible family.


Gold patrons Cocktail Party

Later that night at the cocktail party we’ve met Tyler, Osric, Lauren and Travis. They sat at our table for about a minute, just to chat.

Earlier I was getting a drink and started talking to someone behind me in line. I went to sit with him and his friend and his son and we had an amazing talk. I was the only girl sitting at that table at the time and when Osric and Lauren moved to our table there where two other woman, who left after that.

When Travis came up to our table he was really incredible, he is such an incredible and nice guy. He joked about me being the only lady at the only table with only guys and he seemed so genuine. He thanked all of us for coming to these conventions and for supporting him in his acting. I thanked him for his lovely panel and I’m still blown away by his gentleness and his kindness.

karaoke kings

Friday night karaoke

Friday night is always karaoke night at the conventions. This is unique and Matt Cohan and Richard Speight Jr created this amazing night for all the fans to be at. It’s full of hilarity and amazing performances from cast/ crew and fans. Check it out:

Saturday night special

Just like Friday night’s karaoke the Saturday night special is special. It used to be only a Louden Swain concert, but than guest stars started appearing on stage and it turned out to be an amazing concert night. This was the best concert I’ve ever been to and it was epic on so many occasions. Louden Swain is the house band and I don’t think any other convention has a band on stage for the whole time, also during panels. Heres some amazing footage of this special and epic night:

Jason Manns & Rob Benedict (Chuck). Jason is a friend of Jensen and Jared and know he’s a friend of us all. Jason is usually not at the convention, but Creation asked him to come in for a Sunday night concert, because the band had to leave early on Sunday. Jason and Rob sang an amazing Hallelujah.

Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester). Gil started singing last year and he knocked it out of the park. No one knew he had a singing back ground and after this he decided to follow this road. He’s moving to New York soon and his dream is to be on Broadway someday. And I’m for sure he will be. He is amazing, with an amazing voice.

Osric Chau (Kevin Tran). Osric started out singing not even a year ago and he was so nervous about that than, it’s hard to imagine that he was shy, watching this.

Sebastian Roche (Baltasar):

Thursday and Friday where amazing and this Special was already so special it couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong, we had a blast and than this happend:

That’s correct, that’s our lovely Jensen Ackles rocking the house. Take a look at Jensen’s “road to being a rock star”, which started 5 years ago when Jason Manns sort of set him up to sing on stage. His first time ever performance:

He’s been coming up on stage a little more in the last few years but a couple of months ago he did this, and he was still a bit shy:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) had never ever attended a Supernatural convention, so to have him come on stage was amazing! It’s not that he never wanted to come, it’s that he is such a busy actor that there was never time. But because of this is the 10th year anniversary Creation Events tried their best to get JDM to Vegas and they made it all happen. The look on Jensen’s face when JDM got a standing ovation on Saturday night was priceless. He was so damn proud to have him on stage and that the crowd reacted the way they did.

Sunday: the big day

For the people who have Gold tickets see the J2 (Jared and Jensen) twice, once in the morning (breakfast/ lunch depending on their schedule) and than later in the afternoon there’s a panel for everyone with a ticket. J2sday is, depending on their schedule, on Saturday or Sunday. This time it was on Sunday and it was a blast! Jeffrey Dean Morgan had a panel on Sunday too and Samantha Smith (Marry Winchester) stayed an extra couple of days just so the family reunion could occur on Sunday. This was the first time ever they where all there on the same day.

The gold panel of J2:

Than we had JDM:

And right after that was the J2 panel:

This is just the first part, the rest isn’t online yet.

So this is basically what a convention looks like. Than there’s the ability to get autographs and photo’s with all the cast. There’s been a lot more panels, which some of them you can find online and some are not filmed, but I think you get what it was all about.

The feelings you get the moment you step into this convention bubble is just overwhelming. Everybody here loves the same thing, when you freak out about something or someone people don’t look at you weird, they actually understand what you’re going through. And that is special. We all love and adore this show, these guys and each other. The convention is not Supernatural the TV, it’s the world surrounding the show. It’s hard to describe exactly how it feels, cause it’s so amazing and big and unheard of but the feelings you get of the video’s is just a small amount of the feelings you actually get when you’re in that other universe, that other world.

To read about my photo ops and autographs click on the link below.

Time for photo ops and autos….. Blown away in Vegas (last part)

If you want to read what led up to this incredible adventure click this link:

Blown away in Vegas ….. the Supernatural universe (part 1)

Note: NONE of the video’s are mine, I found them all on YouTube. There’s a ton more to find there and if you’re interested I’d advise you to just look for Supernatural Conventions. They will guide you from there to more and more and ….. yes more 😀

Have fun!

Blown away in Vegas ….. the Supernatural universe (part 1)

Where do I start with explaining how amazing last weekend was? I have no idea how to explain it to people who don’t watch Supernatural and to people who don’t understand conventions. So I’m just going to write and support my story with videos (who aren’t mine) and pictures. I will write about this weekend in three posts, cause there’s just no way I can write it down in just one without you all getting crazy 🙂


Leading up to Vegas

As some of you might know I’m a huge Supernatural fan. Supernatural is a TV show that airs on the CW. I am not sure if it still airs on Dutch TV, but I watch it online, so I don’t really care 🙂 Here’s a little history that led up to this weekend.

About 2,5 years ago I was surfing YouTube for some concert video’s I’d just went to. YouTube recommends video’s for you and the one on top of it all was a Convention Video of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, leads of Supernatural. I knew about Supernatural but haven’t watched it, cause I thought it was too scary for me to watch. I had a feeling that if I clicked that recommendation I would be sold, and I told myself “Don’t do it!”, so what did I do, yes I clicked the damn link, and I was sold. These guys where amazing, hilarious, smart, kind, grateful and most of all themselves. At that time Season 8 just started and the same thought occurred to me “Don’t watch it, cause ….” and I pulled up 8×01 and indeed I was sold. And I didn’t even mind. I got season 1 – 8 and I watched it, over and over again I watched it. As the seasons went on I kept watching and re-watching. Same as the convention video’s, every time there’s been new conventions I watch them. See what hilarity they brough, how connected they still are to the fans and to each other. The bond on and offscreen between Jared and Jensen is amazing. They are brothers, and they, still, are humbled about what they have, who their fans are, they appreciate everything. I think that’s what pulled me in, their amazing bond and who they are. Something like this happens at conventions:

The moment I watched that first convention video I knew I had to go to one. I researched online and I figured that if I’d ever go to one now was the time and I wanted to go to Vegas. Vegas is the biggest (4 days) convention and I knew I was going for a gold ticket, the best seats in the house with extra’s, like autographs and special nights. Supernatural is now in it’s 10th season and 11 is on its way. I, personally think, that it will last until season 12. I hope for more cause this show is getting better and better. The characters evolve a and the acting is superb. I think S6 and S7 are a little less, but it got a better with S8, S9 was even better than 8 and this season, season 10 is extraordinaire.

So I started to plan for this trip and arranged it with my work. I was excited to go and although 2,5 years might seem long, it flew by.

Social Media and Supernatural

A lot of the actors are on social media. In the last year both Jared and Jensen joined Facebook and they are both on Twitter. Jensen joined Twitter during a convention last year and that was amazing.

There are so many fans online as well. Most followers I have on Twitter are fans. I got them during a scavenger hunt I went on (GISHWHES), organised by Misha Collins (Castiel from Supernatural). He has an organisation called Random Acts and this year GISHWHES is going to be held for the 5th time. Any who, that was besides the point. I got into that and gained followers and we actually had conversations. I found a couple of groups on Facebook and it’s such, again, an incredible feeling to be in this family. Every fan in these groups care about each other, we care about the show and we can speak our mind. If you throw in hate, you’re out, cause that’s not who we are. We discus for sure, and we have our own opinions, but we do not hate. And that is amazing.

One of groups I got invited to is the Kitty Krew. I don’t know where the name came from, but I know we are close. It’s a small and closed group (about 75 people) and we discus everything. Supernatural, the actors, the story, our story, our worries, our troubles, our victories, whatever we want we put out. A couple of the girls also went to the convention in Vegas and I ended up spending most of the downtime with them. The moment we met on Wednesday for dinner we hit it off. It was so easy and homey and felt so normal. It felt like we where supposed to be there and like we’ve always known each other.

So here’s me and the Kitties that went.

Kitties 2

Kitties during some down time.

Kitties Karaoke

Kitties before Karaoke

Kittys 1

Kitties and the Green Machine. One Kitty is never in the pic, cause she doesn’t like to be in it, but the Green Machine is her car and she took so many incredible pictures!

After all the amazing days (which you’ll read about in the next 2 blogs) it was hard saying goodbye. Most of us spread out across the country, one to Canada, one to Austria. I didn’t want to get out of this bubble so I drove after one of them and that’s where I am now. I’m spending a couple of days with her and I’m finally out of the convention bubble. That’s not to say I don’t want to be back in, cause it was amazing, but I’m not sad about it any more 🙂

If you want to read the rest of the story, just click on the following links. Enjoy! ❤

Incredible talented cast, panels and what not …… Blown away in Vegas (part 2)

Time for photo ops and autos….. Blown away in Vegas (last part)

3 days & 5 states

Monday 9 March: Hole in the ground

I peed in a hole in the ground! Yeah you read it correct, I peed in a hole 😀 I know this is what you call “over sharing” but I don’t care, it was hilarious! You know that sometimes while your on the road you really need to go? Yeah and you think “Oh man I can kill for a rest area!”? I had that feeling and out of the blue a nice blue sign with some white letters stated something like “Rest area, next stop” popped up. Lucky me I thought, so I pulled into that area and what did I see? A 2mx2m square “Restroom” with indeed a toilet. It wasn’t flushable though, so I had to pee in a hole. Never thought I’d had to pee standing up again, after all these times in France. Well at least there you could still flush it all down, which I guess is not necessary if it’s just a hole in the ground 😛

Anyways this was the rest of the day 🙂

IMG_5173   IMG_5171 2015-03-09 14.07.11  2015-03-09 19.04.02

I drove about 376 miles which, according to google maps, would’ve been 5,24 hours. It took me from 10.10 – 17.40 to get in a hotel. It was a lovely drive though. I had fun, the sun was up and it was beautiful!

It was nice to be able to pull into a motel that time though. And guess what? It was a typical Sam & Dean Winchester motel, which was also in front of a Philips joint 😉 If y’all don’t know what that means: START watching Supernatural and you’ll get it 😛

2015-03-09 18.17.11

Tuesday 10 March: T-shirt and flip flops

356 miles on Tuesday, GoogleMaps: 5 hours, Me: left 10.20 – pulled into a hotel: 17.30isch. While it was still chill in the morning, in the afternoon T-shirt and flip flops where enough to be outside, nice and sunny and sunburn occurred as well.

Salt lake city and area are lovely to drive through. Takes you a long time to get out of that area though. Got off for a rest stop and pulled back on the Interstate, going the direction I came from :O Luckily the next exit was only a few miles way and I could around easily. There’s never been a trip where I haven’t taken a wrong turn, so this is just as always I guess 😉

These pics are somewhere in Utah, about an hour from the Arizona border.

2015-03-10 16.45.49

My baby deserves some time to rest too. Enjoying the sun together 🙂

2015-03-10 16.46.03

2015-03-11 12.06.32 2015-03-11 12.06.35

2015-03-11 12.06.45

Count the bugs, two days of bug catching this was:

2015-03-10 16.48.12

Wednesday 11 March: Time for donuts

175 miles to Vegas. Don’t know how long I was on the road but the drive was amazing!!!!! There was a little time I spend on the road through Arizona, didn’t know I’d pass that on my way to Vegas, but I did so yeah that was state number 4 🙂

I had a donut for breakfast and for all the Dutchies reading this, they taste like “oliebollen zonder krenten” 😛 Oh and Jerry Springer is still on TV, apparently people still watch that show…..


This is not my pic and although it’s an incredible one, it’s not as impressive as what I’ve seen today…

The best part of todays drive was the amazing time I spend driving THROUGH the Grand Canyon, yes driving through it, not flying over it or just looking down into it from the top, no none of that, just driving through it for at least 30 minutes. There’s no possibilities to stop to take pictures or to rest and be swallowed by the hugeness of this Canyon, but driving through it amazed me. I’m still in awe about the beautiful and enormousness of it all. It was beautiful. If anyone wants to know how to get there and do that: Take the Interstate 15 North (I15 North) from Vegas towards Salt Lake and after an hour or so you will be driving through it. I know people usually go and to a tour on a helicopter or you just look from atop, but this drive is spectacular! I’d advice anyone to skip the other stuff and take 4 hours out of your Vegas day to take the drive!

So that’s it for now. The next couple of days will probably blow me away too. It’s convention time, the reason I’m here in Vegas, and I can’t wait. It’s been 2,5 years in the making and finally I’m able to go!

Okay I forgot to write down which states I drove through: Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and I’m currently in Nevada.

Will try to write my experiences when the convention is over, convention stops on Sunday so till than:

Take care, tnx for the read and talk soon!

❤ me


Creatief dagboek

It’s Saturday, 7 March 2015 and I’m sitting here the first morning of my amazing adventure. I’m at my friends house and it felt like I’ve always been here, like there’s not time passed. It feels like home here in Helena, Montana and I can’t believe it’s been 3,5 years since I’ve been to the US.

This morning I woke up feeling like I’m at a crossroad and don’t know which way to go. I’ve got this amazing Creative Diary where I let the people I care about write something in before I left and I’m a bit afraid to open it to read. Maybe that’s because the whole week felt like a huge goodbye, a goodbye that felt like I might not go back to Holland. I know it’s okay to feel like this, but it feels a bit sad.

This morning I woke up and scrolled through my movies and I wondered which one to watch. For some reason I knew I had to watch Eat Pray Love and so I did. While watching something struck me. It feels like I’m on the same path as Liz was and in the end she says something that was amazing and something I’ll take with me the coming weeks.

“The rule of quest physics goes something like this: If you’re brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting, which can be anything from your house to bitter old resentment, and set out to a truth seeking journey, either externally or internally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher, and if you are prepared, most of all to face and forgive some very difficult realities about yourself than the truth will not be withheld from you”.

So that’s what I’m going to take with me on the road. I’m open to anyone and everything for the next couple of weeks and I will enjoy everything that comes on my path along the way. From food till hotel rooms, from people till driving, from watching stars till doing laundry in the laundromats 🙂

The second song on my playlist that I turned on while writing is Bon Jovi’s “Destinations Anywhere”.  This is also a sign that I had to pay attention too. I don’t know where my destination is and I don’t care either, I know I’ll find it and I know the universe will guide me through this adventure. And with this creative diary, and all the lovely presents people gave me, I have all the people I care about with me.

Wish you luck

My friend gave me some tea with a message: Wish you luck and it was a perfect gift. I just made some tea and I know it’ll help me get where I’m supposed to be.

Monday I will leave for Vegas, all on my own on the road and I can’t wait to see what happens. I’m excited to see what people I will meet and when I have the courage to read all the lovely messages people left for me. I know the right time will come for that too and that’s when I will 😉

Till next time.


You know the feeling when you are still on a holiday/ vacation and think about the end and about having to say goodbye to your friends and all that and you feel a bit sad?

That’s what I’m feeling right now when thinking about next week and the drinks I organised for a few little groups I wanted to say “Cya in 2 months” too.

So that means something great right? And I, for once, am not scared about the trip. I used to be scared about doing everything I was planning, but not anymore. And that is a bit scary too, you know? But mostly I am freakishly exited!!

Not that I never did anything, I just was scared about other peoples reactions/ thoughts. But I’m passed that. I’m doing what I want and what feels right, without thinking about others. And you know what? That feels amazing 🙂

This is what my friend responded with:

Yeah I know what you mean..and being fearless could be scary but it’s ok to feel that way. It will open a new door for you, full of new opportunities because now that you are going to step out of the boundary, you will be able to do things you haven’t done before…

You are going on an adventure…Just like Bilbo 😉

Project update: One drawing a day

As you might know I started a project called “One drawing a day”. Experience showed one item a day is too much so I’ll try to be creative whenever I feel like. Sometimes that’s a bunch a time a week, sometimes it’s not even once a month.

I already updated the project to once a week, but even that seemed to hard to pull off. So now I decided to post whatever creative item I came up with whenever it comes a long. Sometimes it’ll be more posts in a week, and sometimes it will be one post a month. I’m not setting deadlines for it, because I know I’ll hate myself for not creating something eventually, which will lead me to hate being creative altogether, which is a shame, cause I love being creative!

Whether it is a doodle, start of a drawing, completion of a previous drawing, a photo I took, whatever is new I’ll post it to explore my creativity and advance my drawing skills, which are bare at the moment 😉

I changed my project to