Meeting Jared and Jensen: Take two

I know it’s been a while since VegasCon, but hadn’t found the time to write about it yet.

Vegas 2016 for me started on Friday before the convention. I’ve met up with my friend at the airport and we stayed at an Extended Stay hotel across from the Rio. I thought the bus would take us to The Strip easily and fast, but that didn’t turn out to be the case. I discovered Uber and I loved it: Just order on your phone and the ride is there to pick you up at your location and drop you off wherever you want to go. No payment needed.


Saturday and Sunday basically where some recuperating days and Sunday night we went to a show: Tournaments of Knights and it was hilarious. It was a dinner show set in King Arthur times so that meant no utensils, just eating with your hands. Which I loved every second off. While eating that chicken I thought: I’ve always wanted to know how it felt to eat like that and now I knew.

Later that night we got some tickets for KA and did some gambling. Tuesdays we went to the Luxor ahead of the show and played some slots, what turned out to be fun and we won some cash.
After dinner we’ve got some drinks before the KA show and the show blew our minds. WOW! Those are some incredible artists. A couple of rotating stages, amazing special effects and on top of that the outstanding performances.


Wednesday before registration we met up with some more  friends/ family for dinner, where one of them proposed to the other, which was perfect and amazing and I’m so glad I was able to witness this special moment.
At registration we met up with an amazing person who was standing behind us in line and became instant friends. I am fortunate enough to call her my family too.

Thursday the convention started and Richards opening was again epic. He didn’t have his sidekicks Rob Benedict or Matthew Cohen by his side but that wasn’t noticeable at all. Right than and there he started the “High Church of the Holy Dicks”  and everybody loved it.
Panels on Thursday and Friday where so good I laughed almost those full days. Gil had the “weirdest panel ever”, almost fell off the stage, Osric came out in a suit and Karaoke was a blast, like last year. Jason had an amazing panel with songs and questions, Brianna and Kim had a panel where I was cracking up the whole time. Hilarity galore 😀 Saturday special was amazing and definitely special. Everyone who showed up was at their best and made it great.

Sunday: J2day


Sunday is always J2’s day, which meant Jared and Jensen are in the house for their panels (2 if you have Gold, 1if you don’t), auto’s and pics. I got a pic with Jensen and shared my Jared op with my friend. Meeting Jensen again was a little nerve wrecking beforehand cause of last year. Last year I was totally fine right before the picture and I froze. I could barely get a “Just a hug, please” out and even though I love the photo from last year, I wanted a “real”  hug this year. I knew if I kept “bear hug”  in mind I’d be fine. I was one of the first 50 people to get the photo taken and it was right after the gold panel. At the end of the panel I started to get really nervous and my thoughts where running wild: “We are almost the same height, how can we have a bear hug and a cool photo?” “Oh I hope I can get a word out”  where the thoughts that ran my mind. I was standing in line between two girls who’s never been to a con and told them it would be great, the boys are amazing and you can ask them almost everything. My mind kept racing and than Jensen came in, talked to Chris (photographer) for a bit, took his time with people who couldn’t stand in line (cause they where either in a wheelchair, on crutches or elderly) and that was so nice. Chris also makes sure that he takes the best picture ever for that experience, so if he can make it better by holding your crutches in one hand and his heavy camera in the other, he’d do that.
So while standing in line, observing all that and having my mind racing I told myself to quit it. Last year went great, Jensen is a lovely guy and he’s just a person. A person who inspires me a lot, but still just a human being. So I took a minute to take some breaths, felt myself in that room in that moment and calmed myself down. When it was my turn I looked up said hi, got a hi back and I think I asked for a plain old hug or a bear hug (the exact words I don’t remember) I opened my arms and took a step, which made him laugh and he went in for the hug too. I laughed, looked at Chris, got the picture, looked back, thanked him and than tanked Chris and I walked off with a huge grin on my face.

These are the pics of VegasCon2015

2015-03-18 15.17.39 2015-03-18 15.17.56

Later that day we had our Jared op and for some reason I’m never nervous meeting him. Last year was great and this year was great too. I shared my op with my friend and it was a lovely picture like last years. After Jared’s op I figured I’d take a look if the Jensen photo’s where already done and to my surprise it ended up the best photo ever!
So here’s the ops of this Vegas Con:

JaredJenn&I Jensen&I

Overall I laughed so hard I still felt my abs a week later, I could spend time with amazing people, had two perfect photo ops and was able to thank the boys again.

Next year they will hold a convention in Hawaii which will be the first time ever in SPN con history. Even though I am so fortunate to have gone to two Vegas Cons already and I have so many great memories, I’d like to be able to go to Hawaii too. Just because it’s a first time thing and I’ve always wanted to go to Hawaii anyways so why not start or finish it with a convention 😀


Supernatural: Bloodlines, please don’t……..

So after all this hype about the spin off, which I was concerned about from the moment I heard about it, it finally aired. And I’m disappointed that my feelings were right. They could’ve done so much more with this “spin off”, which actually wasn’t really a spin off, but just the introduction of a new show where they put the name Supernatural on. Honestly I am majorly disappointed, I don’t like to be negative, but I love Supernatural and this Bloodlines episode doesn’t deserve to be called Supernatural.

I thought it was supposed to be a Supernatural episode introducing the families in Chicago that “Supernatural: Bloodlines” is about and not a different show with Sam and Dean just popping in because “oh yeah they are Supernatural so they have to have some screen time”. The episode might have started with a crime like in Supernatural, but it didn’t feel like that at all. The way it started was like watching an NCIS Los Angeles episode, and I got the same kind of vibe from this episode as I get from that series. The music also didn’t fit for a Supernatural episode.

The vibe was totally off, it didn’t feel like Supernatural and I don’t think it’s fair to call it a spin off of the show. It doesn’t deserve the name. If the episode was an episode about Sam and Dean finding out about something weird going on in Chicago and they went after it and found out about the five families it would be so much different. If they also incorporated some of the things the boys are dealing with right now (the way the MOC affects Dean and that they have other “priorities” than this monster in Chicago, about Crowley/ Abbadon and even Cas or their worry about Charlie or something), maybe they could’ve join forces with some people there, it might’ve earned the name. Than it could be a spin off but the fact that they just threw Sam and Dean in it is not fair, not for the characters, the show and it is disrespectful for the actors (Jared and Jensen). They’ve earned a lot more than just a “cameo” in a series that is supposed to be a spin off of the show THEY created, a show THEY build, a show THEY have made huge and amazing.

This episode was so out of place, I don’t get it. It should’ve just been a pilot, but not a whole Supernatural episode, especially now that there’s so much going on with the boys and the stories. There’s too much too tell in so little time and they screwed it up by using a whole episode for a pilot for a new show. Again: if it was just a hunt it would be okay, if it was a real Sam and Dean hunt, but this, no this isn’t Supernatural. The fact that we didn’t get to see their “usual” way of hunting shouldn’t be an issue. Even the “out of line” episodes of SPN like “The Ghost Facers”, “The French Mistake”, “Dog Dean Afternoon”, “Bitten” and other episodes felt like Supernatural.

I also don’t get why Sam and Dean have never heard about these families in Chicago? They could’ve read it in the MOL archives, they have  everything in there so I am surprised they didn’t know about that. Especially because it’s a big deal and it’s five monster families. The MOL have so much information and this is such a big one to miss…..

Sam and Dean wouldn’t let that kid kill the “monster of the week” guy. Well maybe Dean would in his MOC condition (which I     didn’t see anything from in this episode) but Sam definitely wouldn’t. His morals are still “We hunt evil and kill monsters, but we don’t kill people” (well except Gordon ….). They also wouldn’t just leave like they did. Okay they had a Metatron to get back too, but they would never just drop everything and run, it’s not in them and it never will be. It’s a job and they always finish a job before going back to their other priorities, like killing Abbadon/ Crowley or Metatron. They would’ve made sure the kid was okay, get them in touch with at least Garth or some other hunter to make sure he will be safe or be trained for this life. Not just a quick “sorry, we have to go, figure it out by yourself” line…

Also Dean wasn’t acting like Dean from the last couple of SPN episodes. Dean was so much “lighter” than he was in even the last episode “Alex, Annie,  Alexis, Ann”. He was a lot more rough in those episodes and affected by the MOC, did you see his black eyes?? But this episode he had is wit, called Sam Sammy again and had some humor, we haven’t seen that in a while so that was out of place too.

If they call this a spin off why not call The Vampire Diaries a spin off? It’s also about monsters, but is a separate show. Bloodlines for me like that too. It could be just an other supernatural show, but it shouldn’t be connected to SPN. After watching this episode I’m sorry to say that I’m not gonna watch the rest of the series if it will be aired.

Don’t get me wrong, I think I might’ve liked it if it was just me tuning into a new show, but this was a Supernatural episode without the Supernatural vibe. If you  missed this episode you didn’t miss anything about the show. The boys where not like the boys at all, they were different and it all just felt different. There was nothing in Bloodlines reminding us about Supernatural, except the fact that Sam and Dean were in it for a bit.

Teen Wolfs Season finally

I was hooked till the last 15 minutes of the episode. Start to finish the whole season  was amazing, until the last 10-15 minutes of the season finally! What the hell happened??????

There were two major things happening that got me annoyed. First of all the Nugitsunay(??) storyline ended abruptly. The moment they figured out how to end it was over, way too easy if you ask me. They could’ve made it more interesting, but they chose not to, I wonder why?

The other thing was the ending. When in the series has Derek ever asked Stiles for advice? I know Stiles knows more about the difference between sleep and being awake than the rest, but still. Why was Stiles in school? Didn’t he have to rest, he must have been tired from his whole experience, but i can understand if he wants distractions, so i can get over that.

What I can’t get over is that ENDING!! Bringing Kate back, wth, this isn’t The Vampire Diaries!!!!!! Not watching that show any longer either, but i didn’t expect TW to go down this road. Peter being back I could understand, cause it helped the story, but this is just grasping at straws to make it interesting. If they couldn’t come up with something better, they should’ve pulled the plug. This was such a good season and now they’ve ruined it……

As much as I love Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Coach (he was awesome!!!) and even Peter, I think I’m out.

Sorry guys, but I can’t watch a good show go down.

Inspiring book about Fandom: “Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls”?

As many of you know I’m a Supernatural Fan. I just recently got the attitude of “I don’t care, I like what I like and if you don’t than you don’t, just don’t judge me for it”. I am a fan of Bon Jovi’s music and a major fan of the Supernatural family, this includes the show, the actors and the whole fandom (which is called SPN Family). Oh and I also love Country Music (as a Dutchie that might be weird as well), Taylor Swift, ’80’s music, action movies and what not. A great part of me not caring any longer is because of the book I just finished. The book is about fandom and it spoke to me from the first page. It is called Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls and it’s amazing 😀 It is about fandom and especially the SPN Family.

I don’t get what the big deal is about fandom and why we “should” feel shame. Is it because all the “crazy” fans are all the fans we ever see, the yelling/ screaming, “ohmygodiloveyou” girls on television or in news reports. Headlines like “Stalker fan jumps ….” with pictures and horrible stories? I think that’s just the media wanting to create chaos and probably fear. Fear of loving what you love just because it’s this cult show, under appreciated by many.

But isn’t being a fan of a show the same as being part of/ or fan of a football team. You feel you belong in a group with a mutual interest. So why be ashamed?? Don’t get me wrong I feel I have to explain myself why I love this family so much all the time, and I don’t like it. However I also feel that everyone should love what they love and just get on with it.

I think the main issue with people, when talking about fandom, is that they don’t understand. When I talk to some of my friends about my “obsession” with Supernatural they look at me funny and call me an addict. I laugh it off, agree, but it doesn’t feel great. When I try to explain what it is that gets me most of them think “Oh you’re just hooked, cause of these actors” but actually it’s about the story. It’s not about the hunting evil, but about the brotherly bond they have. For me it’s about the bond on and off screen. The bond between the cast/ crew/ fans etcetera.

Maybe it’s because other people I talk to are embarrassed themselves for being a fan of something/ someone and they don’t know how to tell other people so they look funny at the people who are “brave” enough to tell everyone who or what they are a fan off. Or maybe it is because I am a new fan and can’t really understand how a show (or people) can grab me by the throat and don’t let go.

I’m not a fan that reads and writes fan fiction. I do however signed up to the LiveJournal community of Supernatural, just to see what’s out there. I’m also very connected with fans all over the world and that makes me feel great. There’s so many people who love this show that it makes me smile. I love the way people discus story lines and episodes on Twitter and Facebook and disagree about things. The way they always share convention videos/ photo’s/ stories/ Q&A’s makes me melt. Just to see how much love this show is getting from all across the globe with all different back grounds and education, some young some older.

I’ve been reading Fangasm: When Academics go to Hollywood which is a blog about the SPN fandom. It’s a blog written by the same writers as the book and it’s such an easy read.

Couple of days ago I was online (again) reading things about Supernatural, and stumbled on that book I wanted to read. I wanted to read it before but didn’t buy it yet. Until last Saturday, when I just though: what the hell, I’m just gonna buy the ebook and start reading, which I did.

I finished it in 4 days so that must be some kind of record 😉 I’ve read some articles and interviews from the writers and was interested in the book. They blog their interviews, thoughts about episodes e.d. In the book they write how much The Powers That Be (TPTB) don’t know the fans, show or important things the cast and crew want. They have their own vision of what they want and don’t listen even when they are told they are not correct. That must be because they don’t get the show, cast, crew, fans well the whole family actually 🙂 The moment I start reading the book I got sucked in, just like Supernatural, I got hooked and couldn’t put the book down. It is so well written, just like someone is talking to you. It doesn’t feel like a read, it feels like a listen. I mostly read while commuting (by bus) to work and I laughed so hard at experiences they had and how they reacted to situations. I could see it in front of me and probably would have a lot of those same reactions as them.

SO thank you Lynn and Kathy for allowing us to be a fan and not be ashamed. To tell us it’s okay to love what you love and get lost in something that interest you. To go online and write you’re own thoughts about and to talk to other people, discus what you like and also what you don’t like. And for most of all: THANK you for letting us be PROUD to be a fan and be proud of this amazing community a.k.a. The SPNFamily. I felt welcome the moment I saw an interview with Jared and Jensen at a convention (november 2012). I never watched the show before but when I saw that panel I knew I was going to get hooked to the show. So for me it wasn’t the show that introduced me to J2, but they introduced me to the show. I started when season 8 came out, so I am a late fan. Doesn’t mean I love it any less.

Dean Winchester: how are you still standing?

After my last post about Supernatural Season 9 I figured it was time to write a post about Dean Winchester. I’ve been a Dean girl from the beginning I got hooked. Thoughts about writing a post about Dean have been in my head for quite some time so I thought, why not write it down now. The fact that this post isn’t about Sam doesn’t have anything to do that I don’t like Sam, I love Sam, but there is something about Dean that pulls me in.

Dean’s always been taking care of his family, from when he was 4 years old when their mother died. He carried Sammy out of the house and he’s been carrying Sam through the seasons. Even when Sam went to Stanford and wanted to get out of the life, Dean never really let him go. He left him starting an other life, but when Dean needed him he went and got him and never let him go.

The thing I love about Dean is that he stays human. He hasn’t changed a lot the last 8 seasons. He’s grown up more and he’s showing more feelings, but other than that he still fights for everyone that’s important to him and for the right cause. His moral compass is always right and even though he wanted to give in/up in Season 5 The Point of No Return he never has.  He never wants to let people down and even though he’s hurting he can still see straight.

I admire him that he’s been through so much (went to Hell, Purgatory, saw The End) and he’s still going. He must feel guilty about all the souls he tortured in Hell (even though we haven’t seen that guilt in a long time), the people that died because of them (Ellen, Jo, Pamela, Bobby, Meg, Frank, Sara to mention a few), the fact that he had to let Lisa and Ben go and forget about him, the fact that he was the first one to break a seal so that the Devil’s gate could open, that John Winchester died so he could live, the first time Sammy died and he had to make a deal himself to get Sammy back, leaving Cas in purgatory, letting Benny to go and save Sam in purgatory. I bet he still feels that he should’ve died and that Layla should’ve lived (in a great episode named Faith). I think that was the first one that actually made him feel really guilty. Also the fact that he couldn’t protect Sam from the pain of losing Jessica, his demon power, Sammy having to kill Madison, the blood addiction, killing Lilith, Ruby, Sam going to Hell, soulless Sam, that he was dead set on returning Sam’s soul no matter the consequences, the fact that Sam got hurt because of getting his soul back, the fact that Dean didn’t got the chance to do the trials in stead of Sam and that that broke Sam in more than one way. I don’t know how he’s still alive and kicking.

Also the fact that he makes so many hard decisions and thinks that he’s a grunt and doesn’t deserve happiness always gets to me. He is the one who always takes care of everybody else and makes sure the hard things are done. One of the episodes that really got to me was 2×20 What is and was Should Never be where Dean was “dreaming” about an other life. He got sent to a “happy” place where Jess and his mother were alive and happy. He sees how live can be and how happy the people he loves are. He had to make the hard decision to “snap out” of it, cause he knows that it isn’t real. He wants to stay but he knows that’s not the right decision for him and he goes back. That fact might still bother him too.

Dean sees more than other people. He observes and knows how to follow his gut. When he thinks/feels that things aren’t right he follows through and finds out if his feelings were correct and acts accordingly. Whether that means that someone could get hurt in the process (like killing Mrs. Tran when being processed by Crowley, he didn’t hesitate to kill her.) Dean can point it out very well by saying: “It would’ve sucked and I would’ve hated myself, but what’s one more nightmare right”.

I know Dean can be a jerk and act not so stealthy, but his heart is in the right place. His toughness defines him and I think that’s what kept him alive this long, what kept him human. Okay he was affected by Veritas, the Goddess of Truth (6×06 You Can’t Handle the Truth), Ghost sickness, a Specter (8×06 Southern Comfort) for holding grudges mostly about Sam not looking for him being in purgatory, but he’s never been possessed like Sam has (who has been possessed by Meg, Lucifer, Demon blood) and he hasn’t really been manipulated (he always had this voice in his head about Ruby, which turned out to be right). He’s been human all along and although he needs Sam I think it is because he doesn’t want to live without his brother. Not necessarily because he thinks with Sam he will be human and that they keep each other human, but just that he can’t live without him.

His humor is an other thing that pulls me in. Both Sam and Dean have comedic moments, but Dean’s are just insane. The fact that he can always throws in a line or a look (no matter how bad the situations gets) is amazing. That is of course the doing of Jensen who portrays Dean as no other actor can. I believe this character is made for Jensen and that there is no one out there who can’t play Dean the way he does. But that also applies to Jared playing Sam. No one can portray these character better than these guys and that fact that they are on an off screen brothers is what makes this show great and keeps me (and probably the rest of us) drawn in.

My hopes are that his righteousness keeps him going and that he will fight no matter what. I also really hope that he finally will be able forgive himself for all the things he did or all the guilt that he has left. He deserves to be able to let all of it go and just move on to the next event in his life. I also hope that this season he will get a break and that Sam isn’t staying mad at him that long. I know Sam must be furious when he’ll find out what Dean did, but Sam would’ve done the same for Dean if he were in his shoes.

To close this post I want you to read the following. I’ve found this great summary about Dean on Twitter today that totally says what I’m trying to say. Check it if you’d like. I don’t know who made it, but it wasn’t me. If you do know who made it, let them know I’m glad I found it and was able to use it. If they mind me using I can take it down easily 😉

Hope you had a fun read and if you have any remarks or questions just let me now!

My thoughts about #SPN season 9

If you haven’t seen any of season 9 I’d like to warn you that there are spoilers, so if you don’t wanna know, don’t read it!

I’ve been talking to a few other SPN fans about the start of Supernatural season 9 (a.k.a. season fine 🙂 ) I have some (maybe crazy) ideas about Dean and about my fears for this new season. Bare with me and please don’t freak out 🙂

So we all know the episode The End (I wanna say in season 5, but don’t shoot me when it was season 4) where Dean sees his future self and what’s going on in the world in 2014. The Devil (who is possessing Sam) tells Dean: No matter how much you change, no matter what details you’ll alter, we will always end up right here”. That line freaked the hell out of me when I saw it first and I was so happy when they beat the Devil and all was “okay”…
Boy didn’t I know season 8 would end like that or season 9 begin like this….

In The End we see Dean finding out that Cas has lost his wings and that all the other Angels left. When I watched the final episode of s8 and saw Cas fell, I thought… “Oh hell no, is this going to be the end?” And what if not only the Angels fell, but Michael and Lucifer “fell” out of their box too? Only not angels fell from heaven down to earth but also from he box up to earth?? I got the creepiest feeling when I thought that!

I don’t believe Dean ever mentioned his “dream, going to the future” to Sam, so Sam doesn’t know what Dean saw. Only Bobby knew a bit, when they we’re going to find the devil Dean tells Bobby: “He always said he would jump Sam’s bones in Detroit”.

When Ezekiel came into the picture and was very nice to the boys (well mostly Dean cause Sam was in a coma) I didn’t know how to react or think. For some reason it didn’t feel right. And even though I’ve seen 9.02 where he helps the boys getting rid of the demons Abbadon sends their way I still have this feeling in my gut that he isn’t what he sais he is…..

So what if Ezekiel really is the Devil. The first time I saw 9.02 I didn’t really know what to think when he came out and talk to Dean, but the second time I watched it I thought: oh oh this feels like Lucifer, he talks the same (a dead tone, Jareds amazing performance of course). It’s a bit different than when we saw Lucifer in The End, but then again if Zeke is Luci he has to keep up appearances right..

Maybe that’s why Dean isn’t able to look at Zeke without having major doubts or guilt in his eyes. Maybe he is thinking about 2014 around the corner, Cas isn’t an Angel any more and the other Angels roam the earth for revenge, so what happend to the box?? What happend when Heaven broke, did the box too?

I know the things we see in The End are a bit different than now in season 9 (Cas is actually human and not still a less powerful angel, Chuck is gone and the angels roam the earth and haven’t left (yet)), I still feel it can all happen. Mostly because of that freaky line that keeps haunting me…..

I really hope that Zeke is one of the good guys, the boys need a break from all of it and need some help.

Although I really really want Zeke to be one of the good guys I’m kind of curious what will happen if I’m actually right. What would Dean do, well I think I know what hell do, he would go and kill himself, cause he probably won’t be able to handle much more guilt….

I can’t quite picture what Sam would do when he finds out Zeke’s possessing him. He’ll be pissed that Dean kept it a secret from him no doubt about that, but I wonder how fast he’ll forgive him. Cause let’s face it, Sam would probably do the exact same thing if he was in Deans shoes.
But what if it was Luci and Sam finding out, he already said Yes to him once so he doesn’t need his consent anymore… Oh wow, I just realised this while I’m typing this… What the hell!!! This is not good, not good at all….

Wow I’m sort of getting sad writting all of this down. This show gives me so many feelings, its not even funny anymore. Well it is, but you knel what I mean 😉

Please let me know what you think. I’m kind of curious about y’alls (as Jared so nicely says) thoughts about this..

The amazing world of @CouchSurfing

I’ve been thinking about writing a new post for a few days, I’ve been wanting to write something about CouchSurfing and while I’ve been awake for the last 45 minutes I thought this is as good time as ever to write it down (maybe I’ll even be able to sleep after I’ve got this out of my mind 😉 )

What is CouchSurfing exactly? A lot of people, and also travelers, don’t know about CouchSurfing. It’s a shame cause it really is a good way to travel on a low budget and meeting amazing people. CouchSurfing is an online community where people can share their couch to travelers who need a place to stay. Some people only have a couch for the surfers, others have real beds/ air beds or couches that can turn into beds. Surfers can put in a request to surf on your couch and you have every ability to accept or decline any request you get. You, as a host, can set boundaries (the time they can be in your house, what time they have to leave, what’s to be expected of the surfers, what surfers can or can’t expect from you) and surfers have to abide by them.

Surfers and hosts can, and most of them do, leave references for the hosts/ surfers. This is a great tool to see who is reliable to surf your couch or who is reliable as a host. Hosts and surfers can both be verified and get their identity checked. As a host you can state that surfers have to be verified and checked out by the CouchSurf community (which is easy, but you have to put in a little bit of time to do so)

Some surfers give you something (something from their own country) or do you some favors, some cook, some clean, some do the dishes. Some hosts cook for their guests, some will provide them with drinks or food, others don’t. It’s all open to the host and surfer, which makes it exciting and also different everywhere you surf or whomever you host.

I’ve been hosting since 2008 and this year I’ve got a lot of requests and I’m hosting quite a few people/ groups. I like to give the surfers a place to call “home” when they are away. A safe and comfortable place to just relax and hang out after a long day (of travel, hanging out in the city). I think I’m a good host and I love to meet people all around the world.

The people I pick or accept are the people who I immediately feel connected with, right away from the first message they sent me. I love it when people refer to my profile, so I can see that they’ve really read my profile and know what they can expect when surfing with me. I for instance don’t accept people who are not verified and have no references at all. I can make exceptions, but I rarely do. This is because when I first signed up with CS I thought it was really important for me to show the community I was trustworthy and reliable, so I verified immediately and had my address checked right away. I didn’t even had requests for my couch or feedback, I just thought “If I want to host reliable people, I have to be reliable from the start”.

I’ve never had a bad experience with surfers before. I’ve had some people stay over that I haven’t felt too connected with, but for the most part I did. I also have more experience picking the right people to stay over with me, I can feel a lot more from the way people approach me through a request and when I see their profile I know I am a good fit 😀

My experiences with surfing is none. I haven’t surfed yet. The places where I go to are mostly my international friends and I haven’t needed a place to surf at yet. But if I need to, and I will someday, I am curious where I’ll end up with. The good thing about me having so many surfers here now is that I’m building my own CS network and I know I am welcome to anyone who’s ever surfed my couch, so I probably won’t need a lot of “new” places to surf at 😛

If you are planning a trip and are on a low budget I’d advice to check out CouchSurfing ( It’s free to sign up, and it’s also free to get verified (or at least it was when I signed up). Check it out! You could also post on the main page that you’re looking for a place to stay and hosts that are available can contact you directly. There’s also events planned for CouchSurfers in big cities and hosts can change their status in “No Couch Available”, “I can hang out”, “Couch Available”, “Traveling”, so you know exactly what to expect from a host!

So again, have a look in the amazing world that’s called CouchSurfing and you’re trips will be even better 😀 Have fun surfing and/ or hosting!!!