Wish: on tour with Bon Jovi

You might think “what the hek does that mean, going on tour with Bon Jovi as a wish”? Well let me tell you what it means and, probably more important, why I want to be on tour with these amazing guys.

First of all I know this is going to happen. Don’t ask me how it will all come to be, but I know one day I’ll go on a full tour with the band Bon Jovi. I just read the book The Secret and it states that if you really want something, can imagine it, feel it as you already got it, that you will get it. The ways to that is unknown, and you shouldn’t go and figure that out, cause than the “magic” won’t work. I’m reading it for the secont time now, cause you really have to get into the flow of believing, imagine, feeling it and I always want to know why stuff happends. The why is not important, as long as you believe in that it will happen (if you feel, imagine and believe it) and that’s something that’s just dawning on me at the moment.
This moment of writing puts a huge smile on my face, cause I know I will go on a full tour with Bon Jovi. Don’t know when, don’t know how it starts and don’t know how, but I know I will and that’s just freaking exciting. Me writing this might be the start of this incedible journey but I’m not going to think about that. I just know and feel in my gut that I have to write down why I want to do this and why this is my wish (not my only wish, but at least one of them ;)).

Okay so why do I want to go on tour with Bon Jovi:
– Why the hell not, right πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
– I was at their Cologne concert june 22, 2013 and it was an amazing show. At that moment I felt that it must me incredible to go on tour with these guys, and I felt in my heart/ gut that I really want to experience that
– The songs speak to me: the messages is in a lot of the songs are the same. These next ones are the ones most important to me.Β  “You can get what you want, if you go for it”,Β  “Don’t be afraid to go afther the things you want” , “Dont be afraid to be different”, “Follow your own path and not the one other people expect you to”. I just realised at the last concert that they have a lot of these songs and they really got to me. Even though I’ve been singing them along for a long time, the lyrics just hit me then and there
– I love to see how the tour is created. I know Jon is a perfectionist and want every show to be different, so there’s a different show for the people who come more than once.
– I want to see the creative proces from the moment they start to think about touring. I’d like to know how a show is bourne and what it takes to build show. Besides that I want to know all the processes they have to go through.
– I want to feel the energy in the band. The energy must be amazing, cause they alwasy rock on stage, and I want to experience it behind the scenes when all is created, how it is right before the show, what they do after the show etcetera.
– I want to see the relationship between the guys. I want to feel their energie when they talk about their work/life and I want to know what drives them to still be in the band. The band is together for 30 years (I’m only 31, so I don’t know how it is to have the same people surrounding me for that long) and I wonder how they keep all that energy flowing. I know they do different things when they’reΒ  not in the studio or on tour (on their down time). I’ve seen the documentary about the band (I think it was made at their 25th year) and saw a bit of what they were doing, but I’d love to talk to them about their other passions and see what drives them all
– I want to write about what I see, feel, experience while I’m with them. I can see in my head how it must be like and I want to know if that’s right.

These are the things I come up with at the moment. I feel like I have to post it and send it into the world, so my wish will get more form in my mind. When I think about more things, which I probably will ;), I’ll add them to this post.

So here it goes, wish me luck, I know I don’t need it cause it’s going to happen anyway, but still πŸ˜‰


Bon Jovi june 22 in Cologne

So this post is about a week over due, but still πŸ˜‰

June 22 2013 I went to a Bon Jovi concert in Cologne and it was, as the earlier concerts I’ve been to, an amazing show. I live in Holland and was doubting how I would to go Cologne. It’s about a 3 hour drive or about 3,5 hours with the train. As they planned construction on the tracks and I could borrow my dads car (that doesn’t run on gasoline but on gas) I figured “what the Hell. I’m taking that car and I drive to Cologne”. I hadn’t driven alone outside of Holland and was a bit nervous, but thanks to my mums navigation system I got there at once, was stuck in taffic for 1,5 in Germany, but that aside. I made it and was proud of myself for doing that.
The reason why I got nervous driving in a “strange ” country has to do with my mum. She’s afraid of driving in a foreign country and I picked that up from her. So THANKS mum!!! πŸ˜‰
My friend told me a few months ago that “it’s just a road” and she’s correct. The only thing is is that I don’t like to drive in big cities. I don’t take the car into Amsterdam and that’s probably what made me nervous, I didn’t know how big Cologne was and if I had to drive through a big city. I didn’t so that was good.

Okay so the show was amazing! I got a Golden Ring VIP ticket, for once, which meant I stood closer and I could get into the stadium early. I picked up my ticket around 2pm and I also got a tour guide, which was so big I was wondering how to get it home. There was a girl standing behind me and I told her I didn’t expect that book and didn’t know how to hold that the whole day. She told me she brought her backpack especially for that purpose. That was a great idea. I asked her is she was also alone and she was. We introduced ourselves and found out we’re both Dutch! What a coincidence! She told me I could put my book in her backpack, and I was very grateful to her for that. Thanks again Marina!!!!

We hung out for the rest of the day and had so much fun, talking about well everything and when the concert started we drifted apart a little bit, she’s a little shorter than I am and I’m quit tall so we stood where we were both comfortable and could see clear. The concert started with a bang and I screamed, yelled, sang along, jumped, clapped and waved my hands for the whole show. For the first time couldn’t care less about the people standing behind me. That might sounds selfish but I don’t care either.

The only thing that really surprised me was that apparently smoking is still allowed ant that so many Germans smoke. They were smoking one cigarette after another, which kind bothered me in the beginning, especially cause the don’t look around if they bother other people. But then again, most smokers do so I won’t say anything more about that than this “Smoking should be prohibited in all concert, sport matches etc.”

Richie Sambora wasn’t on tour, which I found out the week before. I don’t know what happened and why he wasn’t there, but quite frankly I don’t come to the show for RIchie I go the show because of the band and great songs. Bon Jovi rocked that night and honestly I didn’t miss Richie. He is awesome and I love to see him on stage but this concert was amazing even without him. They sounded like they always do and they had so much fun performing.

It was a magical night. I screamed my lungs out, yelled along every song, jumped, clapped and waved my hands and had so much fun. I made a new friend which is also a big plus and I”m going to another concert when they are back in the “neighborhood” πŸ˜‰ I really hope next tour they come to Holland, Amsterdam for sure, cause than I can just take my bike and ride there for a change. But that doesn’t stop me for going to them again πŸ˜€

Here’s some pics from that night and you can look on YouTube for some awesome vids of the concert. I don’t take videos cause I rather see them play live, but I”m so grateful for the people who take videos and post them so we can relive the concert. So THANK YOU ALL for sharing!!!

I just realized what I coincidence it is that I was kind of nervous about driving and Bon Jovi had an amazing car as a stage. #MeantToBe?? πŸ˜‰ The drive home went very easy πŸ˜€

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2013-06-22 20.24.58

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Keep te Faith

Amazing lights

My “I’m going to a gig in Londen and don’t need a map” adventure

Last month I went to see Christian Kane and supporting acts: The Life of Riley and Brian Nutter. I spend a nice day with friends in Brighton and figured I had enough time to find the venue when I arrived in London at 4pm.

Apparently you do need a map when traveling in London. I thought I could rely on the maps near bus stops and a metro map, but I was wrong. I was walking around Regent Park for about 2 hours before I thought it might be best to ask somebody else πŸ˜‰Β  She directed me to take the bus to Camden (the venue was Dingwalls in Camden Town, and so was my hostel).

When I finally got to Camden I needed to find my hostel. Most of the people I asked for directions didn’t even heard of the street names or the place I needed to go. I was close but nobody could really tell me where the street was that I was looking for. Finally I met this nice girl who pulled out her phone and searched for the street on her Maps. She walked with me to the street and there I asked someone in a Hotel if they knew the hostel I needed to get to.
When I had directions I went on into the street, but because the directions of the hostel weren’t very clear and they changed the name I got lost again. I asked some people in the street but they never heard of that hostel. Luckily I got the change to borrow a phone and so I was able to give the hostel a call and they explained on which crossing the hostel was.
I arrived in my hostel arround 7pm, changed in a couple of minutes,Β  Ran down stairs, asked how I got to Camden High Street the fastest and run out of the hostel. I arrived atΒ Dingwalls a little after 8 and unfortunately I missed Jenn Bostic and only heard the last song of The Life of Riley, but when I got there I had a great time. I met two amazing people who I’ll go to the concert with next time and than I’ll make sure I’ll be early πŸ˜€

You can find some video’s on youtube: