Divergent: Books vs Movie

Book vs Movie


A few weeks ago I discovered that Divergent was based on a book. I loved the movie, and wanted to find out what they changed from the book. So I got the books and I read them all (even the Four stories) in about a week. It took me a while to get into the book, but in the end I liked them and even got a bit sad when it was over…

These are my observations about the movie vs the book.



First off all: The cast is perfect! I really like how everyone portrays their character, nothing feels off about any of them. Some of the characters are shady but that’s what they’re supposed to be so yeah I really think the casting was perfect! Chemistry between the characters is what makes a movie great and the chemistry here was incredible.



The book portrays Tris like she is a bit of a show off, it feels like she needs to prove herself to everyone and that the only thing she can do is bluff herself through every situation. I’m glad that the movie shows here differently, that we can really see her struggle and growth through the initiation process. I like that in the movie she knows when to pick here battles with Eric and Jeanine, in the book she tries to battle everything, which makes me not like her that much.

I hope in the next movies she knows exactly what battles to pick and that she can be honest about them. I was getting a bit tired of Tris and Four’s arguments in the second half of the second book. I know there area battles to be won and that sometimes they’re on different sides but this felt so much like everyone for themselves in stead of togetherness. I believe Tris knows exactly what she needs to do and I hope that in the coming movies she’s not afraid to to what she thinks is necessary but that she also don’t pick to much of a fight with the people that care for her and don’t keep to much secrets like she does in the books. Secrets that will hurt her and the people she loves so much.



I love that Tris and Christina’s relationship is like a camaraderie in the movie. In the first book there’s a lot of envy from Christina’s side towards Tris and I like that in the movie it’s just a “sisterly” bond. After the first book there was just an amazing bond between them and I really love to see that grow more on screen.



I think she’s perfectly portrayed in the film. I love Kate Winslet as Jeanine, someone who thinks she is right and doesn’t care who has to die. She doesn’t have a moral compass, but she believes in a purpose and pursuits that direction. She is a firm believer in knowledge and science and if there’s anyone who can threaten that she’s willing to whatever to get rid of that person. Not really ethical, but at least she’s consistent in her plans. I have never seen Kate Winslet as a bad guy, but she’s incredible.



In the beginning I hated him. I am not a person who really hates anybody, but this guy oh and Peter, yeah I really really didn’t like them. I’m getting used to Eric now I’ve watched the movie more. The way he looks most of the time, just plain bored with the initiates makes me laugh now. I like the dynamic between Four and Eric, you can really see that Eric is truly annoyed by Four and that he’s basically jealous of him, of that he beat him in their initiate class. The only real emotion Eric shares is when he is with Four and they are having a “stand off” like when Four said “Lucky for you these weren’t the rules when we were in training” or in the end when they where catching Four and Tris in Abnegation and he finds out Four and Tris are Divergent.

I’m looking forward to a few more Eric and Four and Eric and Tris scenes in the next movie, I think some of them can become truly amazing!



And than there’s this guy named Four…. I left that one for last, cause he’s incredible and I have so much to write about the difference between Movie!Four and Book!Four. They’re so different and it feels like I’m reading two characters with the same name when reading the book. Oh and that TATOO! Perfection is all I can write about that 🙂




Four is amazing in the movie, in the book I don’t really know if I like him that much. He’s too young in the book, too troubled, too I don’t know, not grown up maybe. He’s an intriguing character on screen and I was a bit disappointed to read someone so different in the books.

There where only a couple of moments throughout the books that I saw that character that I knew from the movie and I’m very curious about what his character will be like in the next movies. To be honest I don’t know if I like him that much in the books, although when I read through the second and last book I just saw them as two separate characters, which some similarities.


I don’t know why but maybe it’s because I can see right trough him on screen and not so much while reading the book. I like the subtleties of the choices Theo made for Four. I hope it carries through into the next movie. He is tough to the initiates in the beginning but he isn’t mean, he wants to help them and he cares about them. He is kind and wants them to do good. Eric just wants perfect soldiers, Four wants the initiates to pass the tests and grow as humans, not soldiers.


In the book Four is sort of all over the place in the movie he’s a steady instructor. In the book one moment he is nice the other moment he is a dick. In the movie however he is kind but still a trainer and that makes all the difference. He knows how to handle the initiates without being a drill sergeant, he knows how to train them without having to use his manly powers, like Eric does with his macho “I’m the trainer so do as I say” attitude. I really believe that Four would treat any initiative the same, divergent or not. Maybe not if the initiate was horrible to others, like Peter and Molly, but other than those I think he’d do the same, well maybe not fall for that one exactly but protecting them yes 😀

He’s also intuitive, he knows what people are capable off and he knows exactly what they need to get to that point. He’s an observer and he knows what’s going on. That’s why he’s hard on Tris. The knife throwing scene portrays that well. He cuts her and the scene goes like this: Four: “You alright?”, Tris:”You cut me”, Four: “I meant to”, Tris:”You meant to?”, Four:”You really think Eric would let you off the hook if I hadn’t hit you? You would’ve been still standing there if I didn’t.”, Tris:”So am I supposed to thank you?”, Four:”You’re supposed to be smart. If I wanted to hurt you, I would’ve.” and he walks away. That was something Tris needed to hear, she needed to know her boundaries with Eric, she needed to know when to stop and I think the point came across.

In the end of the first book he’s named Tobias, which, for me at least he’s not. I know him as Four and the way he’s portrayed in the movie he’s supposed to be Four. Tobias doesn’t suit him for some reason. I hope they don’t change that in the coming movies, but I don’t think they will.


He’s not 18 in the movie, he can’t be. His character in the movie is a lot older, same as Eric’s. They’re both trained instructors and it’s too hard to believe they’re only 18. If they wanted them to come off as 18 they should’ve casted other actors. These characters have discipline and know what they teach (even though I don’t like Eric, he is an instructor and tries (I believe) to train the initiates as he sees fit) and they act too mature for them to be 18 year. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like Book!Four too much, because he was too immature. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Four in the next movies though.



The Four and Tris’ fighting scene in end of the movie is brilliant! I love that they changed that from the book, cause the scene in the movie is, for me, more believable. I think the change from Tris to tell them to go, in the books, to Four telling her they need to go when he tapped into the security feed was more believable as well. I like the way Tris uses Four’s fear to get him out of sim, instead of him getting him out of sim only because he heard Tris’ voice.

Also that he fought Marcus and not Tris in his fear landscape was a well made choice. He keeps going back to the landscape, he said it himself, so he is aware of it and he knows how to fight them. He’s not getting over it, but he know’s how to control them now. Also in that scene that she keeps calling him Four instead of Tobias, we know him as Four and Tobias won’t get him out of sim, cause he hasn’t been that person in forever. I don’t think they should call him Tobias in the other films as well, it doesn’t feel right for some reason. He is Four and that’s it, he used to be Tobias, but now he is Four.


I also liked that they skipped the fear landscape training from the book and that they changed Four’s landscape training with Tris to him training her how to get through it as a Dauntless and not as a Divergent. There was a huge different in these scenes, but for me the movie scene feels better.

I would’ve liked to see Four scolding Peter in this movie, but hopefully he’ll do that in the next. The scene in the book where Four basically tells Peter he is a coward because he feels threatened by a small girl was perfect and I would’ve loved to see it on screen. That scene in the book is one of the few I thought was the Four from the movie.

So what’s it all add up to?


Basically I liked the book, but if I’ve read the book first, I might not have seen the movie, because I didn’t like it that much. It was a fun book to read, but I didn’t quite get into it that much. When I started the second book however I put down the idea that the characters where the same, so I could go into the story more. I think I’ll go read the whole series again, cause even though it might not the best I’ve read I think I can read more when reading the second time, like when you see a movie or a TV show a second time you see more and notice other things.

The movie made the story for me and I really hope Insurgent is going to blow my mind. I’ve seen the trailer and I can hardly wait for it, still a few months to wait though.

I would love to get my hands on the script of the first movie, cause I would also like to know what different choices the director and actors made, character wise.


Inspiring book about Fandom: “Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls”?

As many of you know I’m a Supernatural Fan. I just recently got the attitude of “I don’t care, I like what I like and if you don’t than you don’t, just don’t judge me for it”. I am a fan of Bon Jovi’s music and a major fan of the Supernatural family, this includes the show, the actors and the whole fandom (which is called SPN Family). Oh and I also love Country Music (as a Dutchie that might be weird as well), Taylor Swift, ’80’s music, action movies and what not. A great part of me not caring any longer is because of the book I just finished. The book is about fandom and it spoke to me from the first page. It is called Fangasm: Supernatural Fangirls and it’s amazing 😀 It is about fandom and especially the SPN Family.

I don’t get what the big deal is about fandom and why we “should” feel shame. Is it because all the “crazy” fans are all the fans we ever see, the yelling/ screaming, “ohmygodiloveyou” girls on television or in news reports. Headlines like “Stalker fan jumps ….” with pictures and horrible stories? I think that’s just the media wanting to create chaos and probably fear. Fear of loving what you love just because it’s this cult show, under appreciated by many.

But isn’t being a fan of a show the same as being part of/ or fan of a football team. You feel you belong in a group with a mutual interest. So why be ashamed?? Don’t get me wrong I feel I have to explain myself why I love this family so much all the time, and I don’t like it. However I also feel that everyone should love what they love and just get on with it.

I think the main issue with people, when talking about fandom, is that they don’t understand. When I talk to some of my friends about my “obsession” with Supernatural they look at me funny and call me an addict. I laugh it off, agree, but it doesn’t feel great. When I try to explain what it is that gets me most of them think “Oh you’re just hooked, cause of these actors” but actually it’s about the story. It’s not about the hunting evil, but about the brotherly bond they have. For me it’s about the bond on and off screen. The bond between the cast/ crew/ fans etcetera.

Maybe it’s because other people I talk to are embarrassed themselves for being a fan of something/ someone and they don’t know how to tell other people so they look funny at the people who are “brave” enough to tell everyone who or what they are a fan off. Or maybe it is because I am a new fan and can’t really understand how a show (or people) can grab me by the throat and don’t let go.

I’m not a fan that reads and writes fan fiction. I do however signed up to the LiveJournal community of Supernatural, just to see what’s out there. I’m also very connected with fans all over the world and that makes me feel great. There’s so many people who love this show that it makes me smile. I love the way people discus story lines and episodes on Twitter and Facebook and disagree about things. The way they always share convention videos/ photo’s/ stories/ Q&A’s makes me melt. Just to see how much love this show is getting from all across the globe with all different back grounds and education, some young some older.

I’ve been reading Fangasm: When Academics go to Hollywood which is a blog about the SPN fandom. It’s a blog written by the same writers as the book and it’s such an easy read.

Couple of days ago I was online (again) reading things about Supernatural, and stumbled on that book I wanted to read. I wanted to read it before but didn’t buy it yet. Until last Saturday, when I just though: what the hell, I’m just gonna buy the ebook and start reading, which I did.

I finished it in 4 days so that must be some kind of record 😉 I’ve read some articles and interviews from the writers and was interested in the book. They blog their interviews, thoughts about episodes e.d. In the book they write how much The Powers That Be (TPTB) don’t know the fans, show or important things the cast and crew want. They have their own vision of what they want and don’t listen even when they are told they are not correct. That must be because they don’t get the show, cast, crew, fans well the whole family actually 🙂 The moment I start reading the book I got sucked in, just like Supernatural, I got hooked and couldn’t put the book down. It is so well written, just like someone is talking to you. It doesn’t feel like a read, it feels like a listen. I mostly read while commuting (by bus) to work and I laughed so hard at experiences they had and how they reacted to situations. I could see it in front of me and probably would have a lot of those same reactions as them.

SO thank you Lynn and Kathy for allowing us to be a fan and not be ashamed. To tell us it’s okay to love what you love and get lost in something that interest you. To go online and write you’re own thoughts about and to talk to other people, discus what you like and also what you don’t like. And for most of all: THANK you for letting us be PROUD to be a fan and be proud of this amazing community a.k.a. The SPNFamily. I felt welcome the moment I saw an interview with Jared and Jensen at a convention (november 2012). I never watched the show before but when I saw that panel I knew I was going to get hooked to the show. So for me it wasn’t the show that introduced me to J2, but they introduced me to the show. I started when season 8 came out, so I am a late fan. Doesn’t mean I love it any less.