3 days & 5 states

Monday 9 March: Hole in the ground

I peed in a hole in the ground! Yeah you read it correct, I peed in a hole 😀 I know this is what you call “over sharing” but I don’t care, it was hilarious! You know that sometimes while your on the road you really need to go? Yeah and you think “Oh man I can kill for a rest area!”? I had that feeling and out of the blue a nice blue sign with some white letters stated something like “Rest area, next stop” popped up. Lucky me I thought, so I pulled into that area and what did I see? A 2mx2m square “Restroom” with indeed a toilet. It wasn’t flushable though, so I had to pee in a hole. Never thought I’d had to pee standing up again, after all these times in France. Well at least there you could still flush it all down, which I guess is not necessary if it’s just a hole in the ground 😛

Anyways this was the rest of the day 🙂

IMG_5173   IMG_5171 2015-03-09 14.07.11  2015-03-09 19.04.02

I drove about 376 miles which, according to google maps, would’ve been 5,24 hours. It took me from 10.10 – 17.40 to get in a hotel. It was a lovely drive though. I had fun, the sun was up and it was beautiful!

It was nice to be able to pull into a motel that time though. And guess what? It was a typical Sam & Dean Winchester motel, which was also in front of a Philips joint 😉 If y’all don’t know what that means: START watching Supernatural and you’ll get it 😛

2015-03-09 18.17.11

Tuesday 10 March: T-shirt and flip flops

356 miles on Tuesday, GoogleMaps: 5 hours, Me: left 10.20 – pulled into a hotel: 17.30isch. While it was still chill in the morning, in the afternoon T-shirt and flip flops where enough to be outside, nice and sunny and sunburn occurred as well.

Salt lake city and area are lovely to drive through. Takes you a long time to get out of that area though. Got off for a rest stop and pulled back on the Interstate, going the direction I came from :O Luckily the next exit was only a few miles way and I could around easily. There’s never been a trip where I haven’t taken a wrong turn, so this is just as always I guess 😉

These pics are somewhere in Utah, about an hour from the Arizona border.

2015-03-10 16.45.49

My baby deserves some time to rest too. Enjoying the sun together 🙂

2015-03-10 16.46.03

2015-03-11 12.06.32 2015-03-11 12.06.35

2015-03-11 12.06.45

Count the bugs, two days of bug catching this was:

2015-03-10 16.48.12

Wednesday 11 March: Time for donuts

175 miles to Vegas. Don’t know how long I was on the road but the drive was amazing!!!!! There was a little time I spend on the road through Arizona, didn’t know I’d pass that on my way to Vegas, but I did so yeah that was state number 4 🙂

I had a donut for breakfast and for all the Dutchies reading this, they taste like “oliebollen zonder krenten” 😛 Oh and Jerry Springer is still on TV, apparently people still watch that show…..


This is not my pic and although it’s an incredible one, it’s not as impressive as what I’ve seen today…

The best part of todays drive was the amazing time I spend driving THROUGH the Grand Canyon, yes driving through it, not flying over it or just looking down into it from the top, no none of that, just driving through it for at least 30 minutes. There’s no possibilities to stop to take pictures or to rest and be swallowed by the hugeness of this Canyon, but driving through it amazed me. I’m still in awe about the beautiful and enormousness of it all. It was beautiful. If anyone wants to know how to get there and do that: Take the Interstate 15 North (I15 North) from Vegas towards Salt Lake and after an hour or so you will be driving through it. I know people usually go and to a tour on a helicopter or you just look from atop, but this drive is spectacular! I’d advice anyone to skip the other stuff and take 4 hours out of your Vegas day to take the drive!

So that’s it for now. The next couple of days will probably blow me away too. It’s convention time, the reason I’m here in Vegas, and I can’t wait. It’s been 2,5 years in the making and finally I’m able to go!

Okay I forgot to write down which states I drove through: Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona and I’m currently in Nevada.

Will try to write my experiences when the convention is over, convention stops on Sunday so till than:

Take care, tnx for the read and talk soon!

❤ me


One thought on “3 days & 5 states

  1. titimboubou says:

    Nice article or even story (congrats for peeing in a hole ahhahah, it was funny to read!)! We will follow your blog 🙂 We also love to travel around the world and tried to capture every moments. It’ll be cool if you can check this out and share your view http://wp.me/p4bFhn-en ! Love the way people embrace life and the unknown…

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