Project update: One drawing a day

As you might know I started a project called “One drawing a day”. Experience showed one item a day is too much so I’ll try to be creative whenever I feel like. Sometimes that’s a bunch a time a week, sometimes it’s not even once a month.

I already updated the project to once a week, but even that seemed to hard to pull off. So now I decided to post whatever creative item I came up with whenever it comes a long. Sometimes it’ll be more posts in a week, and sometimes it will be one post a month. I’m not setting deadlines for it, because I know I’ll hate myself for not creating something eventually, which will lead me to hate being creative altogether, which is a shame, cause I love being creative!

Whether it is a doodle, start of a drawing, completion of a previous drawing, a photo I took, whatever is new I’ll post it to explore my creativity and advance my drawing skills, which are bare at the moment 😉

I changed my project to


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