You know the feeling when you are still on a holiday/ vacation and think about the end and about having to say goodbye to your friends and all that and you feel a bit sad?

That’s what I’m feeling right now when thinking about next week and the drinks I organised for a few little groups I wanted to say “Cya in 2 months” too.

So that means something great right? And I, for once, am not scared about the trip. I used to be scared about doing everything I was planning, but not anymore. And that is a bit scary too, you know? But mostly I am freakishly exited!!

Not that I never did anything, I just was scared about other peoples reactions/ thoughts. But I’m passed that. I’m doing what I want and what feels right, without thinking about others. And you know what? That feels amazing 🙂

This is what my friend responded with:

Yeah I know what you mean..and being fearless could be scary but it’s ok to feel that way. It will open a new door for you, full of new opportunities because now that you are going to step out of the boundary, you will be able to do things you haven’t done before…

You are going on an adventure…Just like Bilbo 😉


Project update: One drawing a day

As you might know I started a project called “One drawing a day”. Experience showed one item a day is too much so I’ll try to be creative whenever I feel like. Sometimes that’s a bunch a time a week, sometimes it’s not even once a month.

I already updated the project to once a week, but even that seemed to hard to pull off. So now I decided to post whatever creative item I came up with whenever it comes a long. Sometimes it’ll be more posts in a week, and sometimes it will be one post a month. I’m not setting deadlines for it, because I know I’ll hate myself for not creating something eventually, which will lead me to hate being creative altogether, which is a shame, cause I love being creative!

Whether it is a doodle, start of a drawing, completion of a previous drawing, a photo I took, whatever is new I’ll post it to explore my creativity and advance my drawing skills, which are bare at the moment 😉

I changed my project to