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The last couple of weeks I’ve talked to some people who said something about the clothes they wear that surprised me. I have always dressed for comfort and usability. When I go to work I usually wear jeans, sneakers (or shoes/ boots I can run in) and a shirt/top, because I dress for the weather and for the need to run for the bus if  I have to. When I am on my bike I dress warm, hats, gloves, scarves and all that. I also discovered recently that it is very nice to wear some sweats over jeans while biking in the middle of the night. So I started doing that and I also don’t care going to the grocery store in my sweats, hats, no make-up and a nice comfy jacket.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have skirts and dresses and heels, I just dress for comfort and sometimes I like to dress up for an occasion.


I told a few people about that I do this and they looked at me with a question mark on their face asking “Well what if you meet mister right, or something happens and there is cute doctor/ fireman/ whatever and you’re dressed like that” and my only response was “Well mister right won’t mind what I will wear and if something happens I couldn’t care less what I’m wearing as long as they help me”. So those where some funny conversations. Also about the sweats and going outside. I really don’t care wearing sweats to the grocery store, I wear my tennis outfit when I come back from a match or training and go get food in that. I don’t really see the problem and I’m surprised that other people do.

But that’s kind of the beauty about being human right, everyone thinks differently and has different opinions. It was nice to be reminded about that especially on a small subject like this 🙂



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