5/365: Colouring

So here’s a first colouring. It’s from a children’s colouring book which I bought over the summer. It’s so fun to just start colouring and let your mind wonder, pick any colour you want for every aspect possible. You’ll see a ton more of these over the next year 😉



4/365: Drawing

I owe you guys number four too 🙂 There where two days this week, since I started this project, when I didn’t have time to draw. That was the second day of an intensive training and the day after.

So this pic is one that I did a little while back. This is also the first colour one. I really like the colours and even though I’m more comfortable with grey I do like how it turned out.



2/365: Drawing: Take TWO

So I just realised I posted the picture of yesterday :O Today was very intense, we have a Covey training with our work and I was positive I’d created that picture today, which I didn’t. Later I added a bit more to this picture and that was the one I posted earlier.

The drawing I created today though was the following 🙂



And indeed it was very different than yesterday..

1/365: Drawing

First drawing of the project. Summer of 2014 I started picking up drawing again. I bought a colouring book for kids and I had fun with it. I also started to just draw circles and lines and it feels so good to create something. I like circles and to just let my pencil go wherever it wants to go. I usually just use a grey pencil, but I love to use more colour as well.

So this is number one of the project and I’m happy with it 🙂



One drawing a day

There’s this amazing photographer I follow (http://stardustandmelancholy.wordpress.com/) who has this 365 day project. She wanted to improve here photography so she came up with the idea to post a photo every day for a year. She’s very talented and she inspired me to explore my creativity as well. I like to draw and I haven’t been drawing in ages. I started drawing this summer, with colouring in kids colouring books, and just doodling. I like it and I want to improve so I wanted to post at least on picture or a drawing, doodle or colouring a day, so I can improve the way I’m using pencils and hopefully improve my skills.

I also hope I’m so committed to this project as this lovely girl is. I’m starting now in stead of 1 January 2015, because I don’t believe in new year resolutions. I believe in changing when you want and do it now and not try to pick a date in the future, cause than there will be more pressure and it should be fun to explore your creativity right?

So as of tomorrow I’ll post a drawing, doodle, colouring a day 🙂