Alternate universes: yay or nay?

Do you think there are alternate universes? I believe it could be true. That sounds like a very standard answer for every question you don’t know the answer too but I have some thoughts about it. I don’t know if they exist, cause nobody really does, but I do believe we on earth are not the only one in the Universe. The universe is huge so to say we are the only living creatures in the universe is hard to believe for me.

I think it would be amazing if there were alternate universes! Could you imagine what it would be like to live in something so completely different (like Avatar, well that was just a planet and not a different Universe but still) or so much the same (like Fringe where they cross Universes) with little differences. I don’t know if there would be a “person” like me in an other universe but it is cool to think other Universes can exist. This one is so big, there is no end (that we know of) but it is cool to think about the fact that our universe might consist in an even larger universe (Men in Black). Man that would be awesome 😀

If there are alternate Universes I would like to have a sneak peek behind the curtain just to see what’s what, how do people live there, what is life there like. Is it really so different than here or are there just minor differences? Maybe if there is a way to exchange people between other world, what could we learn from each other? I think the answers to these questions are interesting and I am dying to know the answers. Speaking of dying, what if we go to a different universe when we actually die? That’s a question I never really thought of, but that’s an interesting one as well. Do we remember which universe we came from, is that what Deja Vu is all about? They say it’s our brains trying to pull memories together from earlier experiences, but some things you never experienced and still feel like you do. Is that a glimpse in an other universe? Hmm those are some cool thoughts I will think about more, cause isn’t it fun to fantasise about things like this? I believe so 😉