SPN Blade Runners

Last night the newest episode of Supernatural was aired and here’s my thought’s on it. Overall I thought it was a great episode, the acting was amazing and it was well written.

However I thought that there was some redundancy and the thing that I really dislike about TV-shows is their redundancy. What I’m talking about is Crowley, they double crossed them again, seriously? They weren’t expecting that even what they’ve been going through in the past with Crowley. That Dean is a bit of his rocker is obvious, cause he really doesn’t care (I talk about that later) but Sam really must’ve known Crowley would’ve had his own plan. That was something that I really didn’t wanna see. And besides that Dean is the owner of the blade, why isn’t he able to “zap” it over to him at will (or maybe that’s because he doesn’t know how to use that part of him yet).

I was glad to see that Sam noticed the affect the Mark of Cain had on Dean and that he was able to pull him back from where he was heading. What I hope is that not everything is forgiven from the last episodes. I hated to see the brothers in a rift, but I will not accept it when it’s all over now, I haven’t seen the strain in this episode and I hope we’ll see it next one, cause I’m sure it’s still there. It has to be, it can’t be over like this not after everything that’s been said. Sam did notice that Dean’s affected by the First Blade and the Mark of Cain but I think and I hope that at some point Dean can disappear, like Cain can, and that he just doesn’t care anymore. He is becoming a killer (we’ve seen bits and pieces about that in the last couple of episodes and I really like where that’s going) and I really like seeing him change, Dean being affected by something else other than Sam’s pain or mistakes.

What I hope is that Dean will be able to disappear and just goes crazy, obsessed with his blade and not being able to get found by Sam or anything. I want to see what happens between them than and how they both react to that. We just watched Sam with a bit of a concern, but I believe the rift will grow and that’s a cool thing to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong my feelings are all over the place watching these two get hurt or in pain, but it would be interesting to see how that’ll work out. I’m sure they would play it perfectly, cause they always do.

As much as I love Crowley, I hope they are able to kill him soon, cause this double crossing them is getting too obvious and old. I hope they either cure him or kill him….. He was so great on his bender last night and his being hooked on human blood. I still don’t get how Dean hasn’t been able or wanted to cure him. They know how to do it and I know that Sam can’t because of the trials, but Dean is (or least he was before his Mark) able to cure him. Now he probably don’t care about any of it, cause he stopped caring about anything, well except Sam and Baby (obviously, and WHY did they have to do that to her????? ;))

It is amazing though that I totally have no clue about what happens or how the story will evolve and it’s amazing that a show can still do this in it’s 9th season. I don’t believe the story about Dean and his mark will be resolved in this season, oh I hope not. I do think that the Angel and Heaven storyline should finish in this season. Metatron is such an annoying person and I really not feel him being a part of this story, it is now, but I think it’s better when he’s not around and Heaven is open again, cause with heaven closed all the souls are still stuck behind the vail and that’s not a pretty sight (as Kevin pointed out).


One thought on “SPN Blade Runners

  1. I was glad that Crowley and boys don’t trust each other! Yes they had their moments and all but i think it’s smart move not to trust someone like Crowley, he is loyal to no one but his crown and he would do anything to get his position back in hell..and for that he need to kill abaddon which is not possible because she is not just an ordinary demon, She is a knight of hell and only cain can kill her so he used dean to get the mark of cain and now he is using dean for killing abaddon that’s it! he doesn’t care about dean, for him he is just a tool..

    Crowley used dean for his benefit and Dean let him not because he trusted him but he want Abaddon dead too, plus he wanted to do something right!

    Sam wanted to kill crowley but we can see that dean wasn’t so sure about it, but he agreed because that’s what sam wanted! Dean need crowley as much as crowley needs him (it sounds weird :p), When dean hold the blade he was looking at crowley like he was looking for guidance or something idk! but i think he knows that crowley can teach him how to handle the blade so right now they both are dependent on each other, the blade won’t work without mark and dean need to learn how to control the power of blade..

    I don’t think dean will develop any powers right away..like disappearing! If he really is becoming new Cain then that means he is immortal now?!! Now He is a servant of Lucifer too? I don’t know where the story gonna end but i would love to see dark dean and for once i want to see Sam losing dean and how he reacts..

    I want more Mark of Cain story line instead of angels and heaven! hope they kill metatrone in the season finale! I don’t care who kill him but i wish it will be dean who gets to kill Gadreel..for betraying him, for killing kevin and destroying his and sam’s relationship!

    Was thinking about the first episode of this season where dean was about to loose sam and worried about Cas, at that time i thought how much more this man can loose! I mean their is nothing more to loose except Sammy and now i am like..great! he saved Sam so he can loose him all over again,,Cas is still MIA and for the first time Dean Winchester is loosing himself!! He is loosing his emotions, his sanity and most importantly he is loosing control over himself…

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