Acting class 4/8

If you are following me you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged about acting class 3/8. Last week I was sick so I skipped it, I was not feeling well enough to go to class and I learned to listen to my body so I got home and slept πŸ˜‰

So even though this week was class 4 for me it was my third. We began as we always begin: making up a word/ sound & movement and then copy the one you get and throw yours to someone else. As I am sick again my brain didn’t catch on so it was pretty hard. You have to do that exercise on impuls and that is hard, even harder when you’re not feeling well. The next one was similar but only with an imaginable samurai sword. This one was with three words and 3 movements in sequence. You had to give the first to someone, they did the next and the two people next to them did the third. This one was really really confusing. I wasn’t there last week, so it was pretty hard to catch, but I finally got it.

The third exercise was that he told us a story and we had to feel and live that story while he was telling it. We had to walk through the room (all of us together) and be in your own world and create what he said was going on. This was an exercise I really liked. I could get into the story and feel and see most of it before my eyes. These are the things I like to do, so I think I’ll like working with a script.

The final exercise was the same as last week and the week before. Make up a scene in a pair and perform it. The 5W’s: Who, What, When, Where and Why. My friend and I came up with something and thought if we’d go last we might not get a turn, cause we had a story that was already played before (not in details, but the basics that is). Our trainer was walking behind us back to class (after the break) and told us to begin. Which I thought was a good move. He told us that if we just sat there waiting for our turn it would be more difficult. And he probably was right. I think he did us (well at least me) a favor by doing that, cause I wasn’t that nervous to play our little scene. The thing is that I don’t know enough details so that makes me nervous. Improvisation is pretty hard (still) for me but I wasn’t afraid of the people who were watching. I didn’t notice them while being in my scene. The thing that scares me or makes me nervous is that I don’t know what I’m doing and if I get really emotional I don’t know how to get that out. If I get emotional in real life or feel like I’m getting into a fight, I just walk away. I don’t want to fight and I hate conflict so that’s my way out. When things are calm again we can talk it out, if there’s still things going on. In these exercises though we have to let out these feelings, or let them in to say it better. We have to feel them and act on it, not walking away. Just yell, scream, curse, throw things (don’t hurt people ;)), kick things, whatever. It doesn’t matter as long as the emotion is released and shown. These last couple of things I just realized by writing about this process. I am not afraid to go to the classes any longer (YAY ME πŸ˜€ ) but I still get nervous. I think the things I get nervous about are the things I’ve written down above: not knowing what I need to say and adjusting the way I feel and the way I act upon my feelings.

The group is great, supportive and really good. I feel safe so that’s an other great thing about this.

For next week we have homework. We need to find a text that we love. Not a poem or a song, but a book or letter. The thing is that it has to be in Dutch and I don’t read Dutch or watch anything that is Dutch, so that’s going to be fun to find. I thought: hey I love the start of Twilight so I use those lines, but than I thought I’ve read them in English and not in Dutch. For me know is to find the Twilight book, in Dutch and see if those lines speak to me in Dutch as they do in English or otherwise I just have to find an other text…… Challenge!!! πŸ™‚

That’s all for now, if there’s something more on my mind, you know I’ll post it πŸ˜‰

For now sleep well (or have a great day) and cya next week!



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