Acting class 1/8

Tonight I had my first acting class ever. My friend and I decided it would be fun to follow an eight week course called: Introduction in Acting.

I thought, dunno what she thought though, that it was the principles of acting, starting slow and move onward. WOW was I wrong! We were thrown in a pool and that was scary. My other friend told me, when I told her I didn’t know what to expect, that it was going to be fun and you know “Act like a tree” so I was pretty amazed that it was noting like that at all!

So we didn’t do a introduction round no we just started right away. One by one we had to come into the room (or on the stage) and tell us about our day. After that we got an assignment. This wasn’t after everybody told their story and then we started over with that assignment. No the first person who told about their day immediately was asked to get out of their comfort zone and do an assignment. The people before me were amazing, and I was like: Oh hell what is he going to ask of me. I felt all the tension from everybody and the nerves also, and also my own nerves, so it was pretty intense.

When it was my turn I came in and told them about my day. He asked me how it was like to do that and I told him I was nervous and felt scared. I also told him I was super sensitive and I could everybody else’s feelings as well. He then asked me what my hobbies were and when I said Tennis he said: Convince somebody that they have to play Tennis. And I was so nervous and confused about what to say. I blacked out. He then told me that I am a person who needs to control the situation and always have to know what is going on. My brain went blank, and blank. He asked me not to talk to the wall and also asked me to convince someone to play Tennis in Arabic, which I told I can’t do, cause I don’t speak Arabic (which really isn’t necessary when you’re acting, cause you’re acting and you only have to bring the message along (this comes up when I’m typing this)). After that didn’t work he asked me why it was scary to stand there and than I broke down a little. I told the group it was scary to perform in front of a group cause people look at you. I told them I afraid of not doing a good job, that the people wouldn’t like what they were seeing. He asked why and I told the group: Cause I had a shitty past and almost started crying. Then he asked me to tell a joke, in that moment. And I had to think for a second and came up with the lamest joke there was, but the point he made is that even if you get emotional there’s always a way out. You have to keep going. So that’s what I learned.

After that we were doing another round but than to have a conversation with someone else. One person was waiting till someone came into the room and then started a conversation. No one knew what it was going to be about only the person coming into the room was. This was a “listen and look” exercise, you have to listen, look and react about the other person and that first person wanted something from the other one. The think is we, as a second person, needed to find out what it was they wanted from us. With that exercise it felt a lot the people brought in a real experience. I was the receiving end (second person, who waited for the first one to come into the room) and I thought it was really hard to come up with answers to the questions I got asked. Now (about 2 hours after the lesson) I figured that my reaction time is long, my brain is empty when I have to improvise. I’ve never been able to get an answer on the spot, especially when I’m dumbfounded about the question or, as our “teacher” so politely told me: when I don’t have control of the situation.

So I’ve learned quite a bit about myself today and even though it scares me I am going back, cause I can’t wait what he has in store for me next week. I know there’s more boundaries to cross and that it’s going to be painful, he told us he’s not a psychologist and that’s good, but its going to be good. I made a little progress and I am certain I am able to shed of more next week and the week after.

Thinking about the class today a feeling of trust is also coming up. There where these little moments when other people where “on stage” and once a while there was a little eye contact. I thought that was pretty amazing. When I stood in front of the group and looked at the people there also was a feeling of trust and understanding. They respected me and that was a good feeling as well. So all in all a good experience, scary, funny, crazy, heart beating out of my chest nerve wrecking, but GOOD.

So now I’m going to sleep and see what tomorrow will bring at work.

Excited for next week!

Sleep well/ have a great night/ day! ❤ -me

Ps. For my own head: He teaches with the 5 W values of acting: Who, What, Where, Why and When


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