A random act of kindness makes a difference

I had this plan for a couple of weeks to write down all my fears, doubts, troubles and everything else I wanted to let go off. I suggested something like this to a couple of my friends and a few days ago I was lying in my bed and thought it was about time to do so myself. I wrote a lot of stuff down that I wanted to let go. On a different piece of paper  I wrote down what I wanted to let in.

Yesterday I went to a lake about 15 minutes from my house, I took my bike, and sat there for more than 1 hour just waiting for the right time to burn these pieces of paper. While sitting there other thought came to me and I wrote that down too.

While sitting and looking over the lake I kinda felt sad. I dunno why, probably because letting got of things is hard, but I just let me feel it. People where walking by and said hello, and I said hello back.

Than something amazing happened. I already said hello to this guy who walked the pier with his son. On their way back, I was eating an apple at that time, we said hello again and he asked “Is it tasty”, and I replied “Yes it is very tasty thank you”,  he said “Good” and they walked off. I don’t know why but I suddenly felt sad, it was such an amazing feeling, such an small act of kindness. I needed that and that felt good.

On my way back home (I still hadn’t burned the pages, cause I felt like I was going to get caught when people were seeing that… I did that later at home though) on my bike I passes an other biker and he smiled and said “Hello” first. Now normally I’m the one who’ll smile and say Hello to a person I pass by, this time I didn’t but someone else did and also that felt good!

The thought I immediately had was: That’s normally me! I normally say hello first, what if I passed someone in the past and brightened their day while just saying hello and smiled at them. That was an overwhelming feeling, I can tell you that. Definitely a good feeling too.


I felt so humbled about these little acts of kindness and felt like I had to write about it. This is really something I wanted to share with whomever just to show that how little the act may be people need them and people are so grateful when you give it to them. Just a simple hello can change someone’s day, for the better.

So keep in mind: be nice, be humble, say hello and just smile. Make another person’s day a good one just because you are you and you are kind!


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