My thoughts about #SPN season 9

If you haven’t seen any of season 9 I’d like to warn you that there are spoilers, so if you don’t wanna know, don’t read it!

I’ve been talking to a few other SPN fans about the start of Supernatural season 9 (a.k.a. season fine 🙂 ) I have some (maybe crazy) ideas about Dean and about my fears for this new season. Bare with me and please don’t freak out 🙂

So we all know the episode The End (I wanna say in season 5, but don’t shoot me when it was season 4) where Dean sees his future self and what’s going on in the world in 2014. The Devil (who is possessing Sam) tells Dean: No matter how much you change, no matter what details you’ll alter, we will always end up right here”. That line freaked the hell out of me when I saw it first and I was so happy when they beat the Devil and all was “okay”…
Boy didn’t I know season 8 would end like that or season 9 begin like this….

In The End we see Dean finding out that Cas has lost his wings and that all the other Angels left. When I watched the final episode of s8 and saw Cas fell, I thought… “Oh hell no, is this going to be the end?” And what if not only the Angels fell, but Michael and Lucifer “fell” out of their box too? Only not angels fell from heaven down to earth but also from he box up to earth?? I got the creepiest feeling when I thought that!

I don’t believe Dean ever mentioned his “dream, going to the future” to Sam, so Sam doesn’t know what Dean saw. Only Bobby knew a bit, when they we’re going to find the devil Dean tells Bobby: “He always said he would jump Sam’s bones in Detroit”.

When Ezekiel came into the picture and was very nice to the boys (well mostly Dean cause Sam was in a coma) I didn’t know how to react or think. For some reason it didn’t feel right. And even though I’ve seen 9.02 where he helps the boys getting rid of the demons Abbadon sends their way I still have this feeling in my gut that he isn’t what he sais he is…..

So what if Ezekiel really is the Devil. The first time I saw 9.02 I didn’t really know what to think when he came out and talk to Dean, but the second time I watched it I thought: oh oh this feels like Lucifer, he talks the same (a dead tone, Jareds amazing performance of course). It’s a bit different than when we saw Lucifer in The End, but then again if Zeke is Luci he has to keep up appearances right..

Maybe that’s why Dean isn’t able to look at Zeke without having major doubts or guilt in his eyes. Maybe he is thinking about 2014 around the corner, Cas isn’t an Angel any more and the other Angels roam the earth for revenge, so what happend to the box?? What happend when Heaven broke, did the box too?

I know the things we see in The End are a bit different than now in season 9 (Cas is actually human and not still a less powerful angel, Chuck is gone and the angels roam the earth and haven’t left (yet)), I still feel it can all happen. Mostly because of that freaky line that keeps haunting me…..

I really hope that Zeke is one of the good guys, the boys need a break from all of it and need some help.

Although I really really want Zeke to be one of the good guys I’m kind of curious what will happen if I’m actually right. What would Dean do, well I think I know what hell do, he would go and kill himself, cause he probably won’t be able to handle much more guilt….

I can’t quite picture what Sam would do when he finds out Zeke’s possessing him. He’ll be pissed that Dean kept it a secret from him no doubt about that, but I wonder how fast he’ll forgive him. Cause let’s face it, Sam would probably do the exact same thing if he was in Deans shoes.
But what if it was Luci and Sam finding out, he already said Yes to him once so he doesn’t need his consent anymore… Oh wow, I just realised this while I’m typing this… What the hell!!! This is not good, not good at all….

Wow I’m sort of getting sad writting all of this down. This show gives me so many feelings, its not even funny anymore. Well it is, but you knel what I mean 😉

Please let me know what you think. I’m kind of curious about y’alls (as Jared so nicely says) thoughts about this..


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