Soul mates and what not

So I had this intense talk with one of my best friends. I don’t know how we got there, but everytime we talk it turns out deep and awesome. We always say, especially when people want to put us in boxes, that we are cirlces and we won’t fit into a square. Small minded people keep trying to tell us what to do and where we belong, but the amazing thing is we are so great together that it doesn’t matter. We know who we are and just because other people are not able to see that we are okay.
We had this talk about what level of thought other people have. We don’t look down on any type of person, but we sometimes (and it’s only with here that I talk about this stuff, cause she is me in some sort of way) feel like we are talking to people who don’t understand. To people who settle for their job, partner and life just because the don’t (can’t) look further or just want to have it right away. These are also the people who say to us that we need to get a partner or a good steady job, you know cause we’re (arround) 30… I get that people want a great life for us, but for us to be happy doesn’t mean that we have to have a partner or a great job. We are happy with what we are and how we are, even though it might seems strange sometimes. I love who I am and of course I love her to death and it’s so amazing to have someone in my life such an amazing bond with.

When I went home and sat in the bus home I wrote something like this to her (I asked her permission to post it here 😉 ):
We are so screwed up its awesome! Haha just realised how out of place we both are but also how amazing it is. We are perfectly the same and that’s why you’re my soulmate. I love you and we’ll never be apart, no matter how much physical distance there is between us, no one can separate us mentally. We’ll always be a two sides of one coin. We are so lucky we have that, there’s not a lot of people who do. Cause most of the people just settle for okay just because they want something. Settleling is not for us. Everything happens for a reason and at the right time, for us at least. We don’t rush, we live and that’s the beauty of being us. We don’t go for settle we go for what’s right (now). It might frustrate us sometimes. Sometimes we’re lonely, but we know what we have is what we need at the moment and we are going to shine. We do already, but you know what I mean. Our lives are going to turn out even better than we both could ever imagine. It is great already, cause you know its us and we are awesome 😛 But all will fall right into place when it needs to be.

I think our bond is very special, not a lot of people have someone they are this close too/ connected with. The fact that I found that in my best friend is pretty rare and I am so lucky to have that. I consider myself a very lucky person and I realise some people will never have someone like this in their life.

The funny thing is that we had a rocky start but now we’re rock sollid! I love how these things go. I just to care so much about what other people thought of me, I put in so much energy to keep in touch with people (who appartently weren’t that interested in me the way I was in them) but that’s over now. I do what I want, I love what I do, I love the people that I surrounded myself with. There’s a couple or pretty amazing people in my life and all the people that are in my life or used to be in there have tought me something. I’m a firm believer that you meet people cause you have to. Some will teach you, some you will teach something to, some will hurt you, some you might hurt, some will love you, some you will love and most of them will fall away when it’s time for them to leave your life (or for you to leave theirs). When people disspeared from my life, I used to be sad. Now I know there’s a reason. Luckily I can feel this now and I know who will stay longer than others. I take everyone and everything that happends to me with laughter and knowledge that they/ it happends for a reason. The reason might be unclear, but I know they/ it are/is on my path or me to learn from.

Again I’m so happy to have these amazing people in my life and I trully appreciate what I’m learning from all of them.

Thank you for all the amazing people in my, you are deeply loved ❤


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