The magic of #GISHWHES

Last week was the third GISHWHES hunt and I participated. It was grazy, hilarious, freaking stressful (at times) but so much FUN πŸ˜€

GISHWHES means Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World has Ever Seen (, @whatsgishwhes). It’s a scavenger hunt created by Misha Collins (actor (currently Castiel in Supernatural), CEO of Random Acts of Kindness organization). He wants to create some chaos in the world but most of all he wants people to have fun, use their creativity and crawl out of their daily rituals/ shells and do something completely different. Therefor he invented GISHWHES. It’s international so all teams (15 people per team across the globe) are scattered around the planet. They try to create random teams of people from all over, that’s what makes it great. You can sign up alone or with other people.

When the hunt starts there’s a list that’s getting published for all the teams. When you browse through the item list you sign up for all these things you think you can do. And than the next they you’re freaking out cause it’s sooooo much and you have no idea how to work it all out. After day 2 though you’re on a roll and you’re just having fun and start to create your items. And that’s when the real fun begins πŸ˜‰

Some people think it’s ridiculous to participate in something like this, but let’s face it: it’s so much fun πŸ˜€ It’s not only because it’s fun to do this, but you also help people. You help people get over certain lines they otherwise won’t cross and they really want to. You can get people out of their shell and that’s one of perks off being in a team. People grow in GISHWHES and people let go of the shame on certain items. Like me, I never ever thought I’d like to pose in a photo wearing weird clothes. Now I posed in a wallpaper & plastic outfit and a tea bag swimsuit!

IMG_4177Tea bag swimsuit

And guess what: I couldn’t care less πŸ˜€ I presented my funny stuff to my colleagues the other day, and I wasn’t ashamed or nervous. I told them I thought it was a great cause (get out of your comfort zone and just break free!) and it still feels that way.

We also had to take a picture in a team uniform. As we all live across the world we had to decide what to wear and take a photo. We decided to wear a white shirt, a pan hat and an aluminum foil skirt over jeans. So that’s what we did. And although we all wear it differently it looks great!


Another task I did was making a quilt of dirty old socks. In the beginning I had no clue how to do that but it looked like a fun project so I took it on. I went to all my family member and a couple of neighbors and had loads of socks to quilt. I didn’t know how to put them together so my colleague told me to staple them. I did and that worked a bit. I just more than 1000 staples and when I pulled the quilt of the ground they let loose. I decided to sow them together row by row from the back and that worked quite well πŸ˜‰ It also was so much fun and quite relaxing πŸ˜‰ I had Supernatural (what else) on at the background and just sowed. When Β was almost finished I came up with another idea, I had enough socks left to “write” a G (of Gishwhes) and a ’13 (of 2013) on the front And it turned out exactly as I pictures. Than it was time to crawl up under it and let it look like it was cozy (that was the assignment). My friend came up with the idea of me looking sick and was just lying on the couch under a comfy blanked. So that’s what we did.


I had so much fun doing all of this and I learned something more about myself also.Β GISHWHES is great to get to know yourself better. I signed up for a couple of things and later I thought “Oh no way I’m going to do that!!” and than you start to think why you won’t want to do that. Is it fear? Probably! Why fear? Probably because you think that the people who you’ll need for that assignment think your crazy (so you’re trying to think for someone else, which is NEVER EVER a good thing πŸ˜‰ ), but who cares. If you walk up and explain it in a funny way and you’re really convinced that they’ll help you and that it’s going to be fun, they will help you. They will feel you’re positivity and your enthusiasm so you’ll drag them into that and it’s going to be fun!

I’m definitely signing up next year and I’m sure I can do loads more than. I already have some things I want to work on this year so I’m more prepared for next year, as prepared you can be for GISHWHES that is πŸ˜‰ Not only as Β preparation, but also because I really like to do these things and I love being creative.

– drawing things, people, faces etc. (I like it but do it not enough to be good at it)

– painting (I like to get creative and I like it, but don’t do it enough)

– crocheting, cause it’s fun and relaxing!

– planning parties (cause, why the hell not right πŸ˜‰ )

– starting conversations with complete strangers (because that’s always a good exercise and it’ll be fun πŸ˜€ )

I’m not using my creative side enough. I think everybody is creative and while you’re doing GISHWHES you’ll find out how much you can do and how funny your brain works in putting it all together. You can create what’s in your mind and that’s MAGICAL πŸ˜€

The teamwork is also pretty important. The team will help you get through the hard parts and they keep you sane. When you’ve got too much on your plate and have to skip items and you’re freaking out they just tell you: Don’t worry! HAVE FUN! Cause that’s the biggest part of GISHWHES and what they want you to accomplish, just have fun and leave you’re comfort zone and see what you can accomplish in a week. And that is a LOT!!!!!

Our team video will give you a little impression about what we did and what people felt like. It’s not the whole team, but there’s time limits and these where the only video’s that we had. Turned out quite great though!

I think everyone who likes to act crazy once a while should definitely sign up for GISHWHES at least once in their lifetime, hell I think everybody should participate in this hunt even if it’s just once πŸ˜€

Thank you Misha for setting up GISHWHES, thank you Jean Louis for keeping Misha in check and thank you to my great team and friends who helped me get through this abnosome week!

Much ❀ and I can’t wait for next year


The amazing world of @CouchSurfing

I’ve been thinking about writing a new post for a few days, I’ve been wanting to write something about CouchSurfing and while I’ve been awake for the last 45 minutes I thought this is as good time as ever to write it down (maybe I’ll even be able to sleep after I’ve got this out of my mind πŸ˜‰ )

What is CouchSurfing exactly? A lot of people, and also travelers, don’t know about CouchSurfing. It’s a shame cause it really is a good way to travel on a low budget and meeting amazing people. CouchSurfing is an online community where people can share their couch to travelers who need a place to stay. Some people only have a couch for the surfers, others have real beds/ air beds or couches that can turn into beds. Surfers can put in a request to surf on your couch and you have every ability to accept or decline any request you get. You, as a host, can set boundaries (the time they can be in your house, what time they have to leave, what’s to be expected of the surfers, what surfers can or can’t expect from you) and surfers have to abide by them.

Surfers and hosts can, and most of them do, leave references for the hosts/ surfers. This is a great tool to see who is reliable to surf your couch or who is reliable as a host. Hosts and surfers can both be verified and get their identity checked. As a host you can state that surfers have to be verified and checked out by the CouchSurf community (which is easy, but you have to put in a little bit of time to do so)

Some surfers give you something (something from their own country) or do you some favors, some cook, some clean, some do the dishes.Β Some hosts cook for their guests, some will provide them with drinks or food, others don’t. It’s all open to the host and surfer, which makes it exciting and also different everywhere you surf or whomever you host.

I’ve been hosting since 2008 and this year I’ve got a lot of requests and I’m hosting quite a few people/ groups. I like to give the surfers a place to call “home” when they are away. A safe and comfortable place to just relax and hang out after a long day (of travel, hanging out in the city). I think I’m a good host and I love to meet people all around the world.

The people I pick or accept are the people who I immediately feel connected with, right away from the first message they sent me. I love it when people refer to my profile, so I can see that they’ve really read my profile and know what they can expect when surfing with me. I for instance don’t accept people who are not verified and have no references at all. I can make exceptions, but I rarely do. This is because when I first signed up with CS I thought it was really important for me to show the community I was trustworthy and reliable, so I verified immediately and had my address checked right away. I didn’t even had requests for my couch or feedback, I just thought “If I want to host reliable people, I have to be reliable from the start”.

I’ve never had a bad experience with surfers before. I’ve had some people stay over that I haven’t felt too connected with, but for the most part I did. I also have more experience picking the right people to stay over with me, I can feel a lot more from the way people approach me through a request and when I see their profile I know I am a good fit πŸ˜€

My experiences with surfing is none. I haven’t surfed yet. The places where I go to are mostly my international friends and I haven’t needed a place to surf at yet. But if I need to, and I will someday, I am curious where I’ll end up with. The good thing about me having so many surfers here now is that I’m building my own CS network and I know I am welcome to anyone who’s ever surfed my couch, so I probably won’t need a lot of “new” places to surf at πŸ˜›

If you are planning a trip and are on a low budget I’d advice to check out CouchSurfing ( It’s free to sign up, and it’s also free to get verified (or at least it was when I signed up). Check it out! You could also post on the main page that you’re looking for a place to stay and hosts that are available can contact you directly. There’s also events planned for CouchSurfers in big cities and hosts can change their status in “No Couch Available”, “I can hang out”, “Couch Available”, “Traveling”, so you know exactly what to expect from a host!

So again, have a look in the amazing world that’s called CouchSurfing and you’re trips will be even better πŸ˜€ Have fun surfing and/ or hosting!!!

Wish: on tour with Bon Jovi

You might think “what the hek does that mean, going on tour with Bon Jovi as a wish”? Well let me tell you what it means and, probably more important, why I want to be on tour with these amazing guys.

First of all I know this is going to happen. Don’t ask me how it will all come to be, but I know one day I’ll go on a full tour with the band Bon Jovi. I just read the book The Secret and it states that if you really want something, can imagine it, feel it as you already got it, that you will get it. The ways to that is unknown, and you shouldn’t go and figure that out, cause than the “magic” won’t work. I’m reading it for the secont time now, cause you really have to get into the flow of believing, imagine, feeling it and I always want to know why stuff happends. The why is not important, as long as you believe in that it will happen (if you feel, imagine and believe it) and that’s something that’s just dawning on me at the moment.
This moment of writing puts a huge smile on my face, cause I know I will go on a full tour with Bon Jovi. Don’t know when, don’t know how it starts and don’t know how, but I know I will and that’s just freaking exciting. Me writing this might be the start of this incedible journey but I’m not going to think about that. I just know and feel in my gut that I have to write down why I want to do this and why this is my wish (not my only wish, but at least one of them ;)).

Okay so why do I want to go on tour with Bon Jovi:
– Why the hell not, right πŸ˜€ πŸ˜›
– I was at their Cologne concert june 22, 2013 and it was an amazing show. At that moment I felt that it must me incredible to go on tour with these guys, and I felt in my heart/ gut that I really want to experience that
– The songs speak to me: the messages is in a lot of the songs are the same. These next ones are the ones most important to me.Β  “You can get what you want, if you go for it”,Β  “Don’t be afraid to go afther the things you want” , “Dont be afraid to be different”, “Follow your own path and not the one other people expect you to”. I just realised at the last concert that they have a lot of these songs and they really got to me. Even though I’ve been singing them along for a long time, the lyrics just hit me then and there
– I love to see how the tour is created. I know Jon is a perfectionist and want every show to be different, so there’s a different show for the people who come more than once.
– I want to see the creative proces from the moment they start to think about touring. I’d like to know how a show is bourne and what it takes to build show. Besides that I want to know all the processes they have to go through.
– I want to feel the energy in the band. The energy must be amazing, cause they alwasy rock on stage, and I want to experience it behind the scenes when all is created, how it is right before the show, what they do after the show etcetera.
– I want to see the relationship between the guys. I want to feel their energie when they talk about their work/life and I want to know what drives them to still be in the band. The band is together for 30 years (I’m only 31, so I don’t know how it is to have the same people surrounding me for that long) and I wonder how they keep all that energy flowing. I know they do different things when they’reΒ  not in the studio or on tour (on their down time). I’ve seen the documentary about the band (I think it was made at their 25th year) and saw a bit of what they were doing, but I’d love to talk to them about their other passions and see what drives them all
– I want to write about what I see, feel, experience while I’m with them. I can see in my head how it must be like and I want to know if that’s right.

These are the things I come up with at the moment. I feel like I have to post it and send it into the world, so my wish will get more form in my mind. When I think about more things, which I probably will ;), I’ll add them to this post.

So here it goes, wish me luck, I know I don’t need it cause it’s going to happen anyway, but still πŸ˜‰