Man of Steel: so much to say about (SPOILERS!)


I was watching Man of Steel last week and I feel like I have to write about it. This was supposed to be the best Superman movie right?? Well let me tell you this, I don’t think it was. It was watchable and I’ll probably watch it a couple of more times, but that’s because I’m a movie addict and love to see new things in movies when rewatching 😉 and hopefully that’ll make it better. The thing is is that I’m kind of confused about the movie.

First of all: this is all my opinion, I’m not a review writer, nor am I a professional one. I just had to clear my head and write my thoughts down.

Let me start with the great things about Man of Steel. The special effects were brilliant!! There is so much action, which they portray very well. But that wasn’t the only effects that were amazing. The flash backs and the story told by Jor-El was amazing to watch also.

I liked the flash backs and they fit well.

Those young Clark Kent’s reminded me so much of Tom Welling (TV-show Smallville) and they were awesome. For some reason I had to think about that show just watching those kids. Henry Cavill and Rachel Adams were great they did an amazing job portraying Clark and Lois.

That being said there were some things bothering me.
Such as the Lois Lane storyline. She finds out right in the beginning and is immediately trusted by Jor-El and by Clark. On the other side she isn’t too freaked about the whole thing and she apparently doesn’t need time to adjust. Which might be a bit hard to do when this would happen in real, but still..

I missed kryptonite. In the whole movie they haven’t spoken about Kriptonite. Clarks weakness here is the atmosphere of Kripton, but not the rocks. It’s the air of Kripton that makes Clark weak, but he adjust quickly (a bit to quick if you ask me). And Supermans weakness, as we all know (even if you don’t watch/ read Superman) is Kriptonite.

The film started very confusing, they wanted to have back story that’s great, but this was back story without a beginning.  They could’ve showed what happened when Clark/ Kal was in the “fortress” where Jor-El explained the rest.

Dialogue wasn’t that great at times either. There were lines that could’ve been better or just left out. I think that’s what made me feel weird watching Jor-El (Russel Crow) and General Zod. For some reason I couldn’t feel they were actually the people they were portraying. The dialogue made it for me fake at a few points. Some lines didn’t fit the characters at all, which is too bad, cause if it had the movie was better to watch.

Story line was a bit thin. Clark wasn’t mad with Jor-El and was too quick to be on board with the plan. Than there was the Lois thing, she accepted Clark a bit too fast and the story ended very quickly and Zod as well. He became the bad guy from the start (which he obviously was but the explanation about why wasn’t that clear) and at the end he was jus so easily ready to give it all up and we had to sympathise with him (which felt unnatural).

I think the biggest problem was that they wanted to tell so much but there wasn’t enough time to tell it all. And that’s too bad for a movie that has been promoted for more than 1,5 in advance. They just give you a tease, which is fine, but they have to come up with a great movie otherwise it wouldn’t work.

As I said these are all my opinions. I’m not saying it’s a bad film, I’m just saying there were a couple of things that could’ve been done better or differently. I’ll go and see this film again, cause I hope there are things in it I haven’t seen before. That’s what I love about watching movies for multiple times, I always see something different and new.

So to end with a positive note: Man of Steel isn’t all bad. Don’t expect the world of it and if you just want to be entertained you will 😉


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