Perfect summer day

Yesterday, June 29, was a perfect day. Me and a girl friend of mine went to the beach as we try to do more often. Finally the weather was good enough to go, even though I would’ve gone if the weather wasn’t good.

Yesterday we went to Bergen and Bergen aan Zee. Bergen is a little town in North – Holland (province in The Netherlands) and next to it is a beach town called Bergen aan Zee.

As we don’t see each other a lot we always have some catching up to do. But we mostly just hang, and do our own thing. We hang out, be our own crazy selfs and just enjoy all of it.

We went to Bergen for a little shopping and a stroll over the Saturday market and then to the sea. After a few mishaps we run into while trying to park we finally were able to sit at a beach club and order something to drink. The wind was chilly but behind glass the temperature was great.

We talked some and than my friend decided she wanted to have a walk on the beach. Like always we do that separately (well I haven’t done any walking yet, I just relax at the club, have a drink and enjoy the sun :))
Before she went for a walk I decided to go to the restroom, that’s where this day got interesting and a lot more fun.
There was this elderly lady who began talking to me when she saw that I have a tattoo. She told me that her daughter (in her 50s) wanted one and that she would give it to her when she made up her mind of what kind of tattoo she wanted to have. Than she asked me if there was any meaning to my tattoo and I explained. I told her I got my tattoo because I needed to get more courage (grow some balls as we put it in Dutch) and just do the things I want and not constantly thinking about what other people might thing about me. I told her I had to suck it up and just be brave. The tattoo I got was already drawn out but I adjusted it to fit me. Now it’s something that fits me perfectly (as one of my best friends told me when I showed her). The lady thought that was great and we talked about some other stuff and when I laughed she told me I have such a beautiful smile and that I was a beautiful girl. When she asked me if I had a boyfriend I said no, than she asked me if I had a girlfriend and after I said no she asked me if I wanted to be her girlfriend just as a joke. That made me laugh even more. I thanked her about the compliment and we parted ways (Love that saying b.t.w ;)).

When my friend was on her walk and I was listening to some music while having a tea and enjoying the sun the lady came up to me cause they’re leaving. She told me to enjoy my holiday (which I wasn’t even on, but still) and that the loved me saying “I had to grow some balls” and she said “You have them girl!” That was awesome, I won’t forget that in a while. I don’t wanna forget either cause that was great.

When we were driving back home I played my new favorite Bon Jovi songs on repeat (and it’s only a couple of song so we hear them a lot) and my friend just kept laughing when I turned up the volume, again, and just started to sing a long. I know I’m crazy and I love that I can be as weird as I am with her. She loved it too though. She told me that it was awesome that I can be so excited about new songs, being a fan (and paying for golden tickets for a Bon Jovi concert or going to a Supernatural convention in the future), and I told her it’s because I just started to feel alive. I haven’t felt I was alive for over 23 years, I think (read this story to find out why). I started living at 23 so I have a lot to catch up on and this is how I do that. I just do what I like and what I want and don’t take no for an answer.

I know I am weird and different and that I like what most people I know don’t like, but I’m finally at that point where I can just say “Fuck it! I don’t care! I like what I like and you like what you like and that’s okay”. I love that all the people around me are different, they all like different things and that’s what makes my life so amazing at this moment.

To all my friends, whether in Holland or not, I love you all and thank you for being in my life. You are amazing!

Lots of love and hugs – Ilse


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