Annoying people at the movies

I love to go to the movies. To sit in the dark and let the story/ action/ feeling fill up the room is like magic. Because of this I go to the movies a lot. I have a discount card so I can go unlimited to all the movies I want to. There are a couple of restrictions with that card, but all in all I’m happy with it.

Today I went to #Fast6, 3rd time :D, with a friend of mine. I know I’ve seen that movie two times already, but still I love watching some movies over and over again. Especially in IMAX: that sound is amazing!! So imagine watching a great movie and in the row in front of you there’s people talking/ whispering most of the time. When I hear someone talking a few times I don’t really care, I do that sometimes as well. But COME ON, the whole time!!! That’s just annoying.
I was getting irritated and felt frustration building up inside of me and I thought “No way I’m going to let those girls ruin my movie night”. So I leaned over and said “If you don’t like it please just leave” and I got a response something like “I do like it ……” I didn’t pay attention to what she was saying but after a couple of minutes they were quit.

I know it wasn’t the best movie ever, but if you go to the cinema that means you want to watch a movie right? So why keep talking, you can do that outside or on your own couch. Don’t annoy people with your talking. Considering other people when you do that, cause they also pay to watch a movie without interruptions or annoying people.

An other thing I really really hate when I’m in the cinema is CELLPHONES! Why would you want to watch your cellphone when you watch a movie? I have no clue. Mine is almost always turned all the way off in the cinema. Some people can’t get enough of their cellphone cause the have to pull it out every minute and check if they have messages or beter yet call someone. While in the movies! Are you crazy???? Why would you do that? I don’t understand that. You go out and go sit in a dark room to cut yourself of of all things and people, cause you want to watch a movie, right? Well I guess some people don’t.
If I see people grab their cellphones for the millionth time I get up (if it’s near me) and tell them to shut it off cause it distracts me. Some people find me annoying and a bitch for doing that, but hey I also payed to see that same movie and I don’t want to be interrupted by cellphones and talking.

So that’s it. Most of the time I try to stay positive and feel light, but this subject really bothers me. I try to not let it bother me so much, but as said before I love movies and cinema’s and I don’t want to be interrupted by people who obviously couldn’t care less. For those people I’d like to say: “stay out of the cinema if you don’t want to or otherwise act accordingly, we movie lovers would appreciate it a bunch”

And hereby I swear I’ll try to ask people to be quit or put their cellphones away more polite. I know I can come off as a bitch when I tell people they bug me, but then again it’s the heat of the moment.

So this was my rant for today.

I wish you all a very good night/ morning/ day etcetera, I’m hitting the hay and wish I have very nice movie dreams.



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