Inspiring weekend

Last weekend me and some colleagues took a two day course for inspiring entrepreneurs at the HvA Studio in Amsterdam. Hereby I would like to share my story of this amazing weekend.

I’ve always been interested in what drives a person to be an entrepreneur and why people want to start their own business (two different things I’ve learned ;)). When I got the invitation to this weekend I immediately signed up and told some of my close colleagues to do the same. 

First I signed up cause I was really interested in learning how you become an entrepreneur and secondly I was curious if I would fit the profile.

What I learned was that you don’t have to start your own business to be an entrepreneur. You do have to follow your dreams and follow up on your ideas. If you have a great idea for a product you don’t need to set up a business, no you just have to workout how you could implement/ sell and create it. If you have an idea and have the guts to explore more and follow up, you are an entrepreneur.

This weekend was full of inspiring people and crossing boundaries. There were amazing concepts of ideas/ new products/ startup companies. The group of people were great, we helped each other any way possible and were there for each other when we needed someone. The coaches and speakers were great also. It wasn’t all theoretical, more things to consider and explanations on how to fill out the concepts.

Besides workshops and getting us to work out our own ideas there was an other important part of the weekend. We had to do karaoke. I was nervous a week before, we had to hand in our own karaoke song and I felt quit nervous about it. During the day some people told me they wouldn’t do the karaoke and the first thing I thought was “Well it’s part of the programme right”. I never thought about backing out, but I could feel the nervers stirring. When it was my turn first of all the music started, but the video with the lyrics didn’t pull through. I was playing with the mic nonchalantly and tried to “sing” without the text. When the text finally appeared the song was half way there so I asked to rewind to the beginning. I’m doing it all the way or no way at all 😉

The moment I stood with the microphone though all my nerves where gone, which was pretty cool, cause I felt totally relaxed and at ease (for some unexplained reason). That might’ve been cause I told the people that I was “Freaking nervous and scared” to stand there. My song “Blue Suede Shoes” was good and I could “sing” along pretty well 🙂 The feedback during the song and after was amazing! That group off people were so supportive. I know I had to take this step to feel such serenity and realize nothing is impossible.

If you face your fears you can cross boundaries you never even thought about breaking. 

I am going to start and workout all of my ideas and maybe I even follow up and create/ co create them 😉


One thought on “Inspiring weekend

  1. Chandni says:

    Wow!That was inspiring…keep doing new stuff..n keep writing 🙂

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