Total randomness: the introduction

A lot of the time when I don’t have things to do or when I’m on the way to some other place my mind just keeps rambling thoughts and images. I think in images a lot and thoughts mostly pop-up. When I don’t hang on to a though the next one comes popping up quickly.

I thought it would be hilarious to write stuff like that down to see where my thoughts go and what I’m actually thinking about. See if there’s a pattern and if there’s stuff I’d like to think about more and work it out. It would also be a great way to see what things frustrate me and what things make me laugh.

To do this I’m going to sit down and for about 30 minutes I’m going to write down what I see and think.

So now I am trying to start with this little exercise. Curious about what comes out 😀
– I hear some birds
– Yah the SUN
– Oh there goes the sun …..
– My nail polish looks awesome
– h
– g
– What am I going to think about now
– Love the SUN
– I need to go an make some breakfast
– Don’t forget to take your pills before breakfast
– There’s a little bit of wind
– The leafs of the tree are really green
– 🙂
– I see a lot but don’t have many thoughts at the moment …….
– hmmmmmmm
– You make a lot of noise little duck
– Happiness
– Silence
– I’m content

So there’s a couple of thoughts going on. This was only 5 minutes, if I really make it till 30 I probably have a bunch to write about 😀

I think I’m going to like this little exercise, I hope you too 😉

Have a great day y’all!



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