Fringe: unanswered questions

Fringe Walpaper

So I’ve been watching the series Fringe (FOX series) and even though the series ended on a positive note it still makes me question certain things about the storyline.

The first question coming to mind is:
Does Peter know Walter is not coming back? He got the white tulip in the mail and directly thinks about something. I wonder if he knows that Walter is gone. I think he does though, I think he might have had a crazy dream that night (which actually wasn’t a dream, but the reality) and now remembers what happened.

Is the videotape that Water made really in the lab? I don’t think Walter knew what was going to happen (on the day the timeline got reset) and he suddenly disappears, so he wouldn’t have known to make a tape to show Peter that he’s not coming back anymore. And now I also wonder is how he could’ve send the white tulip to Peter. Cause if you live in the future you can’t send mail to the past, I think (except when you live in the Lake House (film) 😛 🙂 ). And because he got erased from the timeline before everything happened I don’t know if he knew that he should’ve posted that. Or maybe the observer came to him the day before it all got set straight, explained what would happen and then take him with him, after making the video and sending the card. Hmm that’s an interesting thought……….

So the story ends and comes back to the day of the “would be” invasion of the observers. Now my question is would there ever be such a thing as the observers now that the storyline has been set straight? The observers were there cause they wanted to know where it all went wrong. Now that all is set back to what it supposed to be they wouldn’t have to come back to observe.
And if they wouldn’t exist than how did Peter come to “our” universe instead of being in his own “the other” universe. The observer wouldn’t have gone and talk to Walternate and Walternate wouldn’t have failed to invent the cure for Peter. And because this didn’t happen Walter wouldn’t have gone to the other side and took Peter with him. So even though Olivia would’ve been able to cross over she probably wouldn’t know he even exist. Or did Walter cross over even though he really didn’t need to cure Peter and really was kidnapping him?

Those are the questions that they got me hanging with. I love the show and it’s sad that it’s over, but I think it’s good that they stopped when the show was still amazing.


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  1. its good as your other blog posts : D, thankyou for putting up.

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