The Mayans and the end of the world

So everbody thought the world would en 21-11-2012/ 11-21-2012 right? Why did we think that? Probably because one person said it so sincerely that people believed it.

I read that it wasn’t the end of the world but that at that time the poles energies would shift, start shifting.

So what do I believe? Obviously I don’t believe the world would end. I do think that the whole world is changing and that we might even be in the end of an era it start of a new one.
Look at what’s happening. Climate is changing all over the world, voilence is becoming more and more important. There’s so much negativity going on and I think all these sick people commiting these horrible crimes do that be because they know they’ll get plenty of news coverage. But that’s a side track.

I really do think we’re in a transition period of some sort. I think its an end of an era. Hopefully we leave this one soon so we can enjoy all the positivity and beautiful things in life, each other and this planet.
I don’t know how and when we reach it and in what state we’ll be in when it happens, but I’m looking forward to experience it!

For now you all have an amazing weekend and look for the things that make you happy/ smile/ laugh and even cry. Life’s beautiful and we all should enjoy it!



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