Behind the scenes or believing the magic

As Anna Torv (actress from Fringe) said in an interview: I don’t want to be on set of my favorite TV-Show cause then you’ll know how it’s been made. There’s no surprise anymore.

I mentioned this before, but I love watching TV-Shows and movies. I studied the first year of Media and Theatre Arts at Montana State University (MSU) a few years ago as an exchange student. I loved it but unfortunately I had to go back home after just one year. I recently got reminded that I directen a stage scene  and I that was an amazing experience as well. I learned a lot about making film and taking pictures. When I got back home I took two more film classes. As I am always organized and planned ahead I wanted to be the set supervisor (the person who arranged everything, time, order of shooting, continuity e.a.). I always wanted to be in a project as intense as a television show. Probably the biggest reason is because of the whole “part of the family” idea and of course the idea of creating something amazing.

Now that I’m completely lost in Supernatural I was thinking about how amazing it would be to be on that set. After listening to Anna Torv about that might ruin it I think I’d agree. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to be part of an amazing team as you so often see on TV-shows. I think that if you come on set, however, that the magic will be gone. Now that you know all the characters and story lines it might be weird to watch how it’s made. I know how it’s made and everybody who is in the business will know how it’s made, but not seeing it will definitely keep the magic of the show. You can keep dreaming about the stories, characters and keep asking yourself how you think it’s been made and what could’ve gone wrong etc. I think that’s what I like about not knowing.

I still hope to get on a TV/ Movie set one way to help out and creating an amazing project, but than just from the beginning so I’ll experience all of it and not just a little (cause face it, if you see a bit, you’ll only going to crave for more :P)


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