What is it with Supernatural?

I always was a big fan of tv-shows and movies and there was always a show that I couldn’t get enough of.
It used to be Buffy the Vampire Slayer and later Angel. I don’t know how many times I watched those series but it was a lot.

Now I’m totally hooked on Supernatural. I never really thought I would like Supernatural till last year. I was surfing YouTube and saw there were loads of interviews of Jared and Jensen. The moment I saw that I thought: “I know when I’m going to watch that interview I want to watch the show and will be hooked”. Wow was I right 😀 I got the series and watched it all without watching my “normal” weekly shows in between….
And I didn’t watch it only once, no I think I watched the whole series at least 4 times already!

I used to think that show was only about two guys chasing evil scary monsters, but it isn’t! It is a show about two brothers who lost their brotherhood and because of circumstances have to get on the road together.

The reason I love this show is because of the brotherly bond and their struggles through life. The fact they’re on a huge road trip is also pretty amazing.
There is this amazing YouTube video about this show which captures exactly why I watch it.
It’s also this feeling I get when watching this show. That the brothers do everything for each other makes it so emotional and their difference about the hunting life makes it real.
The stories are so real and the life of Sam and Dean are realistic. They even use material about urban legends, demons and angels that can be found all over. This is what makes it great.

In one of the interviews they say they only get the script a few days before shooting an episode and even after that the writers still change before production. That’s also a part you can see, the actors don’t overly rehearse those lines, but make them their own.

Chemistry between the cast, and not just between Jared and Jensen, is also very visible. You see they trust each other and have fun, otherwise this show wouldn’t last that long.

One other thing I really love about the show is their fanbase, also known as the SPNFamily. In interviews you see these guys really appreciate all the fans and the videos about the Conventions look al amazing. I’d love to experience the bond in real one day. I haven’t been able to come to one yet, but hopefully soon. Especially when I don’t knap how long this show will run for, they already start production of season 9 next season!

I can write so much more about this amazing show, but that’s probably not a good idea 😉
If you want to know more I would say “Start watching the show”. I’d you do, I know you’re going to love it just like me and alm the other fans 😀