Only because I want to

So lately I’ve been thinking about how much people influence each other. I get influenced a lot regarding Tv-Shows and movies. If someone sais “Hey ….. show is amazing” I immediately go and watch it. If I don’t like the show I used to keep watching it cause I wanted to be able to talk about it. Other shows I used to watch just because they were popular. I kept watching those shows because I felt like it was very important to know everything, and it wasn’t okay if you skipped somethings.


Some show’s I only have because I’m afraid that someday I will want to watch it. Even if I don’t wanna watch it now. And those are mostly the shows other people tell me about.

On one hand I like that there are so many shows to watch, but on the other side there’s too many to watch. There’s so many that I like it really feels ridiculous that I have to have more which I don’t like.

Now that I’ve decided that I only watch the shows I wanna watch I feel sort of a weight that’s been lifted. I don’t have to know what happens on every show, especially if I don’t like it. I like to many shows already, it’s time to clean house regarding my TV-show collection and make room for the shows that I really really like.



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