Stay Positive

These days there’s so much negativity going on. People complain, bitch and annoy themselves by almost anything.
Some people are worse than others, and I also complain once in a while, but come on people positivity is so much more worth it!

There are some people that when you hear something from them its always in a negative way. They tell you their live sucks and that their say has been horrible. They never let you know when they have a giod that.
It’s okay to share the good too. You have to share the good, cause if you stay in the bad, the bad only gets worse.

I realised something before the new year started. I told myself “Smile at all that life has to offer”. That also means smiling, or at least trying to smile, at the bad things. I know bad things happen and sometimes really bad things happen, but I also know everything happens for a reason. What reason is there for all those horrible violence acts you might ask? I have no idea and it breaks my heart to hear so much bad can happen to good people. I don’t believe in God, but I believe in the universe and in the energy flow that’s all around us.

I notice that when I smile, or at least try to smile, at the bad things, those horrible weights lift. I’m not saying you can smile all the bad away, not at all. But if you can see the positive in bad situations you’ll half way there and it lightens the whole situation.

So people please try to be positive, even though it doesn’t seem possible some days. Smile to people, even strangers when passing by or at a bus stop, let people in front of you when standing in line, give comfort so someone in need (even if you have a bad day yourself), surprise someone with an random act of kindness or be impulsive and drop by without any notice, say hello and thank you to the bus driver and be nice to others. You’ll notice that when you give kindness you’ll receive it too 😀 !

Also share the good with people, if you share good the good and positive will come your way as well 😉

Have a good one today and here’s a huge virtual hug for all who read this 😀


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