Feelings while dreaming

Have you ever had a dream with a lot of feelings and when waking you still feel that for a while?

I dream a lot and I also remember most of them. Some I share here, others are too private to share.
I have a lot of weird dreams and dreams I can place, where we process the things happening to us during the day.
There are also some dreams with an intense sense of feeling. When that happends I mostly have that feeling stuck with me for a while and it’ll take me a while to let go of that feeling.
I love when that happends though, although I wish sometimes it was real. Most of those feelingy dreams with me are where I help people. I feel that they need something, words or a kind gesture or even a hug or a little touch. It gives me joy when I’m able to do that.

It might be a sign that I have to open op and try to look for that in my daily life…… Food for thought….


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