I just had the most amazing and weird experience I’ve ever had.

I had to play two one hour matches or tennis right after each other. Normally I lose with big numbers, which I don’t really care for, cause I just want to play my best and wanna have fun doing so.

The first match was like any other match. I did okay and I played well.
At the end of the match I was thinking: experience everything with a smile on your face. So I did and started to play a bit better.

When the second match started I still had that thought in my head and something amazing happend. I won the first game and another and another…. I was 6-1 ahead and realises I didn’t even remember the points I played. I was totally speechless!

When my opponent started to get more in her zone I started to get being me again. And I started to lose games. Not a problem cause I still played my best.
I kept saying the: Smile on your face line and it kept going well.

In the end I lost 7 – 10, but I can honestly say I played the best match/ hour of tennis if my life.

It was the weirdest experience in my life but it makes me smile when I think about it. 

Call it flow/ trance/ positive thinking  whatever, it was freaking amazing :

You all have a great night/ day wherever you are and I hope you have some great experienced also 😉

– xxx – ils


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