WiFi availability

When you have a smartphone and you’re travelling its pretty hard to find free WiFi.

I think there should be free WiFi everywhere in the world. Especially now that almost every household pays for an internet connection, which they won’t use when they’re not at home.
Besides that most, if not all, smartphone users have an internet plan on their phone for their own country, so its stupid that we/they A: have to pay for 3G internet connection when we are abroad or B: that there’s no public WiFi networks when we need it abroad.

First I found it annoying when I was at an airport, not I just find it stupid its not even available in big cities. Only if you go into a coffee shop or some big place where you have to order food or in your hotel where you need an access code.

For the amount of money we pay for internet use I think we should be able to connect to the internet no matter where we are. But then again, that might be just my simpleness thinking 😉


Buying CDs on Amazone

So finally I found an amazing band and I wanted to buy their CDs. So I went and looked at Amazone.com where they had them. I was excited until I realised it was just the MP3 CDs.
After a minute I thought: why the hell not and just buy them.

When I tried to order them I found out that the download this CD only works in the US! WTF! I live I. Europe and luckily I have some amazing friends in the US who are able to buy them for me and then send them to me in some sort of way, but I don’t get that I’m not able to buy a cd that I really like!

Thanks a lot Amazon for letting me buy amazing CDs while not living in the US!


I just had the most amazing and weird experience I’ve ever had.

I had to play two one hour matches or tennis right after each other. Normally I lose with big numbers, which I don’t really care for, cause I just want to play my best and wanna have fun doing so.

The first match was like any other match. I did okay and I played well.
At the end of the match I was thinking: experience everything with a smile on your face. So I did and started to play a bit better.

When the second match started I still had that thought in my head and something amazing happend. I won the first game and another and another…. I was 6-1 ahead and realises I didn’t even remember the points I played. I was totally speechless!

When my opponent started to get more in her zone I started to get being me again. And I started to lose games. Not a problem cause I still played my best.
I kept saying the: Smile on your face line and it kept going well.

In the end I lost 7 – 10, but I can honestly say I played the best match/ hour of tennis if my life.

It was the weirdest experience in my life but it makes me smile when I think about it. 

Call it flow/ trance/ positive thinking  whatever, it was freaking amazing :

You all have a great night/ day wherever you are and I hope you have some great experienced also 😉

– xxx – ils