My “I’m going to a gig in Londen and don’t need a map” adventure

Last month I went to see Christian Kane and supporting acts: The Life of Riley and Brian Nutter. I spend a nice day with friends in Brighton and figured I had enough time to find the venue when I arrived in London at 4pm.

Apparently you do need a map when traveling in London. I thought I could rely on the maps near bus stops and a metro map, but I was wrong. I was walking around Regent Park for about 2 hours before I thought it might be best to ask somebody else 😉  She directed me to take the bus to Camden (the venue was Dingwalls in Camden Town, and so was my hostel).

When I finally got to Camden I needed to find my hostel. Most of the people I asked for directions didn’t even heard of the street names or the place I needed to go. I was close but nobody could really tell me where the street was that I was looking for. Finally I met this nice girl who pulled out her phone and searched for the street on her Maps. She walked with me to the street and there I asked someone in a Hotel if they knew the hostel I needed to get to.
When I had directions I went on into the street, but because the directions of the hostel weren’t very clear and they changed the name I got lost again. I asked some people in the street but they never heard of that hostel. Luckily I got the change to borrow a phone and so I was able to give the hostel a call and they explained on which crossing the hostel was.
I arrived in my hostel arround 7pm, changed in a couple of minutes,  Ran down stairs, asked how I got to Camden High Street the fastest and run out of the hostel. I arrived at Dingwalls a little after 8 and unfortunately I missed Jenn Bostic and only heard the last song of The Life of Riley, but when I got there I had a great time. I met two amazing people who I’ll go to the concert with next time and than I’ll make sure I’ll be early 😀

You can find some video’s on youtube: