HSP vs Pregnancy

A few years ago I discovered that I’m a HSP (Highly Sensitive Personality). This doesn’t mean I’m exceptionally emotional but it means that I take in the impulses from around me more than other people. I smell, see, hear and feel more than or deeper than 80% of the population, which I can handle just fine.

A couple of months back my colleague and friend was pregnant and complained about the smell in the school where we both work and I told her that I smell that also, but I smell that all the time.
And then a couple of weeks ago a friend on mine posted on Facebook that she could smell something pretty bad from a distance. I directly thought, welcome to my world!

When I tell people about me being an HSP they automatically think I’m emotional, and even though I might experience emotions more intense it’s not all about emotions with an HSP.

I think it’s funny that “normal” people feel some aspects of being HSP and get annoyed by that.


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