US Road Trip 2015: suggestions welcome ;)


I know my SPNFamily will love this idea of helping me design my road trip. For all my other friends and family I hope you will participate wherever and whenever you can :)

March and April 2015 I will be in the US for an 8 week road trip and I don’t know exactly what I will do. I know it takes a little while to get to March, but my plan is set and if I want to get enough input I need this time to figure it all out ;) There are a few ideas in my mind, but only the first week is set in stone :) There’s a few places I’d like to visit. The South has always drawn my attention and the words “Mason – Dixon line” sound like magic. Texas is a state I’d like to visit and also Alabama, Kansas, Memphis. I don’t know a lot about these states and if it’s doable to go through these all in the amount of time I’ve set, but they sound great to visit. There’s been a couple of times I’ve been to the states and there will be plenty more, but this is going to be one of my biggest and baddest trips :D


Fun times with the boys VegasCon2014 (Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles)

My starting point will be Las Vegas and that’s all I know. For the SPN family I know they want to know: I’m going to VegasCon for the first time and that’s basically the starting point of my trip! :D I will have 6 weeks after Vegas and I don’t have any other plans except: small towns, maybe some big ones, staying in the towns (not next to the high ways if thats possible). I know for a fact I’ll go to Texas and see where that’ll take me :) My plan is to be guided through my feelings. If I like a town I’ll stay a couple of days, if I don’t like it, I’ll leave the next. It should be an easy road trip and I need to be able to relax as well ;) That’s all I know and that’s all I’m going to plan, well maybe my return ticket, but other than that I don’t have any ideas yet.
I’ve already been to the north and the west, and I’m really drawn to the south so that’s what I want this time.


Elizabethtown Road Trip Scrapbook

So why this blog? Cause I’d really like your help with making this road trip the best trip I’ve been on so far :)

music         101PlacesToSee

What I really want your help with is to know places to see/ things to do like: restaurants, bars, clubs, venues, sport events, concerts, hotels/ motels/ inns, theaters, specialties to eat/drink and so on. Also I really would like to know what you think is great road trip music and if you have playlists to share with me :) And of course if you have other tips and tricks and know you’ll have a place for me to crash last minute let me know and I’ll shout out if i need it :D Also if you want to meet up or just hang. I’ll try to tweet whenever I can and let you know where I’ll be so you can get in touch with me right away :)

I am going to try and blog when I’m on the trip, I’ll add stories about what I went through and what I’ve experienced so you can keep track of me here. I don’t want to make any promises though, cause this trip is all about what I want to do and when I want to, so I might not blog in days or weeks, but I’ll keep you posted somehow :D

You can send all your ideas and questions to my e-mail, leave a comment here, follow me on Twitter, LinkedIN or comment on a place on this map where you can add locations (please comment on what you want me to see :) )

Have fun, nothing is too crazy and let’s create an awesome trip!



You know the feeling when you are still on a holiday/ vacation and think about the end and about having to say goodbye to your friends and all that and you feel a bit sad?

That’s what I’m feeling right now when thinking about next week and the drinks I organised for a few little groups I wanted to say “Cya in 2 months” too.

So that means something great right? And I, for once, am not scared about the trip. I used to be scared about doing everything I was planning, but not anymore. And that is a bit scary too, you know? But mostly I am freakishly exited!!

Not that I never did anything, I just was scared about other peoples reactions/ thoughts. But I’m passed that. I’m doing what I want and what feels right, without thinking about others. And you know what? That feels amazing :)

This is what my friend responded with:

Yeah I know what you mean..and being fearless could be scary but it’s ok to feel that way. It will open a new door for you, full of new opportunities because now that you are going to step out of the boundary, you will be able to do things you haven’t done before…

You are going on an adventure…Just like Bilbo ;)

Project update: One drawing a day

As you might know I started a project called “One drawing a day”. Experience showed one item a day is too much so I’ll try to be creative whenever I feel like. Sometimes that’s a bunch a time a week, sometimes it’s not even once a month.

I already updated the project to once a week, but even that seemed to hard to pull off. So now I decided to post whatever creative item I came up with whenever it comes a long. Sometimes it’ll be more posts in a week, and sometimes it will be one post a month. I’m not setting deadlines for it, because I know I’ll hate myself for not creating something eventually, which will lead me to hate being creative altogether, which is a shame, cause I love being creative!

Whether it is a doodle, start of a drawing, completion of a previous drawing, a photo I took, whatever is new I’ll post it to explore my creativity and advance my drawing skills, which are bare at the moment ;)

I changed my project to

Divergent: Books vs Movie

Book vs Movie


A few weeks ago I discovered that Divergent was based on a book. I loved the movie, and wanted to find out what they changed from the book. So I got the books and I read them all (even the Four stories) in about a week. It took me a while to get into the book, but in the end I liked them and even got a bit sad when it was over…

These are my observations about the movie vs the book.



First off all: The cast is perfect! I really like how everyone portrays their character, nothing feels off about any of them. Some of the characters are shady but that’s what they’re supposed to be so yeah I really think the casting was perfect! Chemistry between the characters is what makes a movie great and the chemistry here was incredible.



The book portrays Tris like she is a bit of a show off, it feels like she needs to prove herself to everyone and that the only thing she can do is bluff herself through every situation. I’m glad that the movie shows here differently, that we can really see her struggle and growth through the initiation process. I like that in the movie she knows when to pick here battles with Eric and Jeanine, in the book she tries to battle everything, which makes me not like her that much.

I hope in the next movies she knows exactly what battles to pick and that she can be honest about them. I was getting a bit tired of Tris and Four’s arguments in the second half of the second book. I know there area battles to be won and that sometimes they’re on different sides but this felt so much like everyone for themselves in stead of togetherness. I believe Tris knows exactly what she needs to do and I hope that in the coming movies she’s not afraid to to what she thinks is necessary but that she also don’t pick to much of a fight with the people that care for her and don’t keep to much secrets like she does in the books. Secrets that will hurt her and the people she loves so much.



I love that Tris and Christina’s relationship is like a camaraderie in the movie. In the first book there’s a lot of envy from Christina’s side towards Tris and I like that in the movie it’s just a “sisterly” bond. After the first book there was just an amazing bond between them and I really love to see that grow more on screen.



I think she’s perfectly portrayed in the film. I love Kate Winslet as Jeanine, someone who thinks she is right and doesn’t care who has to die. She doesn’t have a moral compass, but she believes in a purpose and pursuits that direction. She is a firm believer in knowledge and science and if there’s anyone who can threaten that she’s willing to whatever to get rid of that person. Not really ethical, but at least she’s consistent in her plans. I have never seen Kate Winslet as a bad guy, but she’s incredible.



In the beginning I hated him. I am not a person who really hates anybody, but this guy oh and Peter, yeah I really really didn’t like them. I’m getting used to Eric now I’ve watched the movie more. The way he looks most of the time, just plain bored with the initiates makes me laugh now. I like the dynamic between Four and Eric, you can really see that Eric is truly annoyed by Four and that he’s basically jealous of him, of that he beat him in their initiate class. The only real emotion Eric shares is when he is with Four and they are having a “stand off” like when Four said “Lucky for you these weren’t the rules when we were in training” or in the end when they where catching Four and Tris in Abnegation and he finds out Four and Tris are Divergent.

I’m looking forward to a few more Eric and Four and Eric and Tris scenes in the next movie, I think some of them can become truly amazing!



And than there’s this guy named Four…. I left that one for last, cause he’s incredible and I have so much to write about the difference between Movie!Four and Book!Four. They’re so different and it feels like I’m reading two characters with the same name when reading the book. Oh and that TATOO! Perfection is all I can write about that :)




Four is amazing in the movie, in the book I don’t really know if I like him that much. He’s too young in the book, too troubled, too I don’t know, not grown up maybe. He’s an intriguing character on screen and I was a bit disappointed to read someone so different in the books.

There where only a couple of moments throughout the books that I saw that character that I knew from the movie and I’m very curious about what his character will be like in the next movies. To be honest I don’t know if I like him that much in the books, although when I read through the second and last book I just saw them as two separate characters, which some similarities.


I don’t know why but maybe it’s because I can see right trough him on screen and not so much while reading the book. I like the subtleties of the choices Theo made for Four. I hope it carries through into the next movie. He is tough to the initiates in the beginning but he isn’t mean, he wants to help them and he cares about them. He is kind and wants them to do good. Eric just wants perfect soldiers, Four wants the initiates to pass the tests and grow as humans, not soldiers.


In the book Four is sort of all over the place in the movie he’s a steady instructor. In the book one moment he is nice the other moment he is a dick. In the movie however he is kind but still a trainer and that makes all the difference. He knows how to handle the initiates without being a drill sergeant, he knows how to train them without having to use his manly powers, like Eric does with his macho “I’m the trainer so do as I say” attitude. I really believe that Four would treat any initiative the same, divergent or not. Maybe not if the initiate was horrible to others, like Peter and Molly, but other than those I think he’d do the same, well maybe not fall for that one exactly but protecting them yes :D

He’s also intuitive, he knows what people are capable off and he knows exactly what they need to get to that point. He’s an observer and he knows what’s going on. That’s why he’s hard on Tris. The knife throwing scene portrays that well. He cuts her and the scene goes like this: Four: “You alright?”, Tris:”You cut me”, Four: “I meant to”, Tris:”You meant to?”, Four:”You really think Eric would let you off the hook if I hadn’t hit you? You would’ve been still standing there if I didn’t.”, Tris:”So am I supposed to thank you?”, Four:”You’re supposed to be smart. If I wanted to hurt you, I would’ve.” and he walks away. That was something Tris needed to hear, she needed to know her boundaries with Eric, she needed to know when to stop and I think the point came across.

In the end of the first book he’s named Tobias, which, for me at least he’s not. I know him as Four and the way he’s portrayed in the movie he’s supposed to be Four. Tobias doesn’t suit him for some reason. I hope they don’t change that in the coming movies, but I don’t think they will.


He’s not 18 in the movie, he can’t be. His character in the movie is a lot older, same as Eric’s. They’re both trained instructors and it’s too hard to believe they’re only 18. If they wanted them to come off as 18 they should’ve casted other actors. These characters have discipline and know what they teach (even though I don’t like Eric, he is an instructor and tries (I believe) to train the initiates as he sees fit) and they act too mature for them to be 18 year. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like Book!Four too much, because he was too immature. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for Four in the next movies though.



The Four and Tris’ fighting scene in end of the movie is brilliant! I love that they changed that from the book, cause the scene in the movie is, for me, more believable. I think the change from Tris to tell them to go, in the books, to Four telling her they need to go when he tapped into the security feed was more believable as well. I like the way Tris uses Four’s fear to get him out of sim, instead of him getting him out of sim only because he heard Tris’ voice.

Also that he fought Marcus and not Tris in his fear landscape was a well made choice. He keeps going back to the landscape, he said it himself, so he is aware of it and he knows how to fight them. He’s not getting over it, but he know’s how to control them now. Also in that scene that she keeps calling him Four instead of Tobias, we know him as Four and Tobias won’t get him out of sim, cause he hasn’t been that person in forever. I don’t think they should call him Tobias in the other films as well, it doesn’t feel right for some reason. He is Four and that’s it, he used to be Tobias, but now he is Four.


I also liked that they skipped the fear landscape training from the book and that they changed Four’s landscape training with Tris to him training her how to get through it as a Dauntless and not as a Divergent. There was a huge different in these scenes, but for me the movie scene feels better.

I would’ve liked to see Four scolding Peter in this movie, but hopefully he’ll do that in the next. The scene in the book where Four basically tells Peter he is a coward because he feels threatened by a small girl was perfect and I would’ve loved to see it on screen. That scene in the book is one of the few I thought was the Four from the movie.

So what’s it all add up to?


Basically I liked the book, but if I’ve read the book first, I might not have seen the movie, because I didn’t like it that much. It was a fun book to read, but I didn’t quite get into it that much. When I started the second book however I put down the idea that the characters where the same, so I could go into the story more. I think I’ll go read the whole series again, cause even though it might not the best I’ve read I think I can read more when reading the second time, like when you see a movie or a TV show a second time you see more and notice other things.

The movie made the story for me and I really hope Insurgent is going to blow my mind. I’ve seen the trailer and I can hardly wait for it, still a few months to wait though.

I would love to get my hands on the script of the first movie, cause I would also like to know what different choices the director and actors made, character wise.


Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 12.41.42

The last couple of weeks I’ve talked to some people who said something about the clothes they wear that surprised me. I have always dressed for comfort and usability. When I go to work I usually wear jeans, sneakers (or shoes/ boots I can run in) and a shirt/top, because I dress for the weather and for the need to run for the bus if  I have to. When I am on my bike I dress warm, hats, gloves, scarves and all that. I also discovered recently that it is very nice to wear some sweats over jeans while biking in the middle of the night. So I started doing that and I also don’t care going to the grocery store in my sweats, hats, no make-up and a nice comfy jacket.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have skirts and dresses and heels, I just dress for comfort and sometimes I like to dress up for an occasion.


I told a few people about that I do this and they looked at me with a question mark on their face asking “Well what if you meet mister right, or something happens and there is cute doctor/ fireman/ whatever and you’re dressed like that” and my only response was “Well mister right won’t mind what I will wear and if something happens I couldn’t care less what I’m wearing as long as they help me”. So those where some funny conversations. Also about the sweats and going outside. I really don’t care wearing sweats to the grocery store, I wear my tennis outfit when I come back from a match or training and go get food in that. I don’t really see the problem and I’m surprised that other people do.

But that’s kind of the beauty about being human right, everyone thinks differently and has different opinions. It was nice to be reminded about that especially on a small subject like this :)


2014: Thank you!

2014 has been an amazing year for me and I thought it would be nice to write down some of the incredible stuff that has happened. First and foremost: Thank you all for following me, reading my randomness and supporting me through whatever I’m going through. It’s is much appreciated and I’m very grateful for having so many incredible people in my life!

Being creative


I dipped a toe in the amazing world that’s called creativity. I started drawing again, writing a bit and just picked up a guitar to start and play… I plan to soak into that world a lot more in 2015, but 2014 was the start of something great. The project I started about drawing a picture a day didn’t pan out the way I wanted too, but I know now what a more realistic goal is. I love to draw and colour I really do, but not if it’s going to turn out to be an obligation to myself or others. I think the way I adjusted my goals of the project is a lot more realistic and that’s what I’m going to stick with :) On that note, there are three pictures of drawings I haven’t shared yet, so here are numbers 28, 29 and 30/365:

28/365  29/365  30/365

Mission in life


I’ve found what my purpose in life will be: helping people (understanding them, you now my business :P For everyone who understands that reference ;)). I love it when people come to me for either help or just to let go of things they’re bothered with. I’ve heard a lot of things, good and bad, from people I care about and I feel very fortunate that they chose me to tell these things too. I will always be grateful for people trusting me enough to share these extremely personal things with and knowing it’ll never be shared with anyone else.

The following statement I came across with online and thought: “This is it, this is the person I want to be”:


How I’ll get there, I don’t know, but I know I made a good start last year.

Personal development


I decided to set a different course in my life, with the person who I was and the person I am and want to be. I made a few changes and the biggest one was that I decided to change for myself, not because other people expected it, not because I wanted others to like me, no I changed for me. Just for me, cause it’s my life and I’m supposed to live it. It took some work, but now I change the way I feel, I can and shift my thoughts to something I like, I am more at peace with myself and I’m grateful a lot. Wether it’s the sun that’s up, a song that I listen to, the bus that runs on time, a “Hello” from or to a stranger, having deep conversations with a friend, good food, my ability to walk/ bike wherever I want to go and so on. There’s so much to be grateful for and not just on the outside, there’s plenty of who I am to be grateful for and that’s also what I learned, if I can’t be grateful for the things that I am than I will never be satisfied by the things surrounding me, I own or will have.

There’s a few traits of myself that I (finally) accepted, traits that I used to think where a hassle:

– My awareness to my surroundings. I used to get annoyed hearing and noticing everything. Now I see it as a talent. I know when people are bothered. I don’t get frustrated hearing every single sound anymore. I’m an observer and I like that. I know what’s going on and this trait is one that I want to develop more in 2015.

– Having an overactive analysing mind. I am very good at analysing, especially myself :) I know where things are coming from, I know why I act in certain circumstances. Not that I like every reaction to circumstances, but I know where they’re coming from and I am finally able to a) accept them, or b) change my reactions the next time it occurs.

personal-development gandhi_1

Alongside the acceptance of certain traits I worked on myself on different occasions during 2014:

– Took an acting class, which you all could read about :) Didn’t turn out the way I planned, but I’m glad I did take that course. It was an eye opener non-the-less.

– Resolved some unresolved issues, with some help

– Read so much about manifesting your dreams, the law of the universe/ attraction, how the mind and body are connected and how everything in the world/ universe is pure energy. This subject is so damn interesting it still boggles my mind. I keep reading about it and there’s so much information about the mind, but on the other hand there’s oh so little we know.

– The last couple of days I started a Transcendental Meditation course, which was great. I learned a new technique of meditating and I’m going to stick with it. Clearing out the cobwebs so I will be able to see more of the magic and beauty of this life. There will be a post soon about this type of meditation, it’s really interesting, new and makes sense. I just have to wrap my head around it a bit more before I can write a clear statement about all this ;)

– I also wrote down some of my experiences I had the last year. I didn’t write as much as I wanted, so hopefully next year I will write more. I had a blogging workshop that taught me a long blog with pictures would help a lot, so I’m trying that. That’s something new, cause I used to think that just writing what’s on my mind would be enough. Now I see the other side as well. If there’s too much text, without pictures or paragraphs, people get bored. So I’m sorry if I’ve bored you in the past, I’ll try to do better in 2015 :D


I like this quote and I think it’s important. Find something you’re interested in and keep looking for information about that subject. The moment you keep looking there’s other things that will interest you and so you keep education yourself and that’s when life, at least for me, offers so much. Knowledge is power is something people say. I don’t need nor want power over people I just want to understand. I’m a curious person and I need to understand why things are the way they are or why certain rules apply, and with that kind of information I keep myself satisfied.

Friends and family


I accepted the fact that heck yeah I’m a fangirl. Not a fangirl really, I got soaked into this amazing Supernatural Family (a.k.a. the SPNFamily), met amazing people whom I’ve formed deep and forever bonds with. So thank you Jared for this one:


In 2014 I also reconnected with some old friends and deepened the bond that I had with others. The people who I call family know who they are and this quote is for you:


So thank you for reading these (random) pieces of my life, I really do appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you for sticking with me.

I wish you all an amazing last day of 2014 and the perfect start of 2015. I know I’ll have an adventurous and brilliant year in 2015, and I hope you do.

As always: if you need anything or just an ear to listen too, you know where and how to find me :)

– Ils –