US Road Trip 2015: suggestions welcome ;)


I know my SPNFamily will love this idea of helping me design my road trip. For all my other friends and family I hope you will participate wherever and whenever you can :)

March and April 2015 I will be in the US for an 8 week road trip and I don’t know exactly what I will do. I know it takes a little while to get to March, but my plan is set and if I want to get enough input I need this time to figure it all out ;) There are a few ideas in my mind, but only the first week is set in stone :) There’s a few places I’d like to visit. The South has always drawn my attention and the words “Mason – Dixon line” sound like magic. Texas is a state I’d like to visit and also Alabama, Kansas, Memphis. I don’t know a lot about these states and if it’s doable to go through these all in the amount of time I’ve set, but they sound great to visit. There’s been a couple of times I’ve been to the states and there will be plenty more, but this is going to be one of my biggest and baddest trips :D


Fun times with the boys VegasCon2014 (Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins & Jensen Ackles)

My starting point will be Las Vegas and that’s all I know. For the SPN family I know they want to know: I’m going to VegasCon for the first time and that’s basically the starting point of my trip! :D I will have 6 weeks after Vegas and I don’t have any other plans except: small towns, maybe some big ones, staying in the towns (not next to the high ways if thats possible). I know for a fact I’ll go to Texas and see where that’ll take me :) My plan is to be guided through my feelings. If I like a town I’ll stay a couple of days, if I don’t like it, I’ll leave the next. It should be an easy road trip and I need to be able to relax as well ;) That’s all I know and that’s all I’m going to plan, well maybe my return ticket, but other than that I don’t have any ideas yet.
I’ve already been to the north and the west, and I’m really drawn to the south so that’s what I want this time.


Elizabethtown Road Trip Scrapbook

So why this blog? Cause I’d really like your help with making this road trip the best trip I’ve been on so far :)

I had this crazy idea about others designing my road trip for me. I would really like to see what people come up with so that’s why I created this blog in the first place. As I don’t know if I will use any of it I don’t want you to invest so much time and energy into this project without knowing if it’ll get used.

If you really want to, you’re more than welcome :D I am dying to see what people come up with (a book, a website, a Pinterest board, a blog, a story, screenplay, a video, mood board, scenario or something completely different). Put in all the creativity you have and make it something amazing. If there is one that I really love I might use it, no guarantees though. If there are pieces of the trips I like very much I might use them in my trip as well. That’s probably the only reward I can give. Except for my eternal gratitude :D and posts about you on Twitter, Facebook and here on my blog. When I’m on the road trip I’ll try to keep feeding my blog so you can keep track.

music         101PlacesToSee

What I really want your help with is to know places to see/ things to do like: restaurants, bars, clubs, venues, sport events, concerts, hotels/ motels/ inns, theatres, specialities to eat/drink and so on. Also I really would like to know what you think is great road trip music and if you have playlists to share with me :) And of course if you have other tips and tricks and know you’ll have a place for me to crash last minute let me know and I’ll shout out if i need it :D Also if you want to meet up or just hang. I’ll try to tweet whenever I can and let you know where I’ll be so you can get in touch with me right away :)

I am going to try and blog when I’m on the trip, I’ll add stories about what I went through and what I’ve experienced so you can keep track of me here. I don’t want to make any promises though, cause this trip is all about what I want to do and when I want to, so I might not blog in days or weeks, but I’ll keep you posted somehow :D

You can send all your ideas and questions to (please put RoadTrip15 in the subject;) ), leave a comment here, follow me on Twitter @ilsesroadtrip2015 or comment on a place on this map where you can add locations (please comment on what you want me to see :) )

Let’s go nuts and I’m looking forward seeing your input!

Have fun, nothing is too crazy and let’s create an awesome trip!


22/365: Drawing “Butterfly”

After the last butterfly I drew I wanted to draw one after an example I found. I think this one turned out better than the last one, but the last one was created just by childhood memories how to draw a butterfly. I like this one too and I’m surprised that when you have an example to draw from it’s a lot easier than from memories alone.



17/365: Doodle “Feelings”

I drew this after an amazing, magical night with an incredible person. We always have such deep conversations and it’s always magical and good at the same time. We always lift each other to a whole new level and we are different the day after. She’s one of my soul mates and our bond is very special (but you must’ve figured that out before :) )

I started drawing this without any clear picture in mind. It looks simple, but that’s what it was. It was a quick draw but with everything that I wanted to say.